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RICA Reflection

Competency:1 Planning, Organizing, and Managing Reading

TPE Connection:1.5 , 2.2, and 9.1
In your own words state your understanding of this competency.
The way we as teachers plan, organize, and manage reading
instruction impacts our students and their level of achievement.

o The strongest level of evidence includes actual lessons/tasks you

have completed which are directly related to the RICA.
o Planning my first and second lesson plan for my tutoring
sessions. I had to plan, organize, and manage reading instruction
Connection/ by writing and implementing the lesson plans for each session.


assessment and




Observing in my master teachers second grade class Ive been

able to see what shes planned, organized, and managed for the
students to achieve reading instruction.
It has been my experience that a teacher must plan, organize,
and manage reading instruction in a way that students can
achieve whats being taught. The lesson I created, have to be
developmentally appropriate for the two tutees I tutor. It has to
meet their needs and interests so that they can achieve reading
Reflect on how your understanding of this Competency is connected
to TPEs. How is it important to your teaching and your students
TPE Connection:1.5 Candidates select appropriate teaching
strategies to develop students' abilities to read and comprehend
narrative and informational texts and to cite specific evidence
when offering an oral or written interpretation of a text As
teachers plan their lessons they have to select appropriate
strategies. 2.2 Candidates pace instruction and re-teach content
based on evidence gathered using assessment strategies such as
questioning students and examining student work and products.
Teachers must organize their lesson plans and their time to re
teach to those who arent grasping reading instruction. 9.1
Candidates plan instruction that is comprehensive in relation to
the subject matter to be taught and in accordance with stateadopted academic content standards for students. Teachers must
also manage their reading instruction and make sure that it goes
hand in hand with the content standards for reading.
DifferentiationDescribe at least three examples of when and why to use a particular
strategies with a student need.
If students struggle to understand the words of a text then the teacher
will plan, organize, and manage reading instruction to meet the
students needs, ie: visuals
If a student struggles with hearing the teacher will plan, organize, and
manage reading instruction to meet the students need, ie: pairing the

Reference a min of one reference mentioned in the reflection.


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