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Main Point of Paragraph

What you added, omitted, kept

and why?

#1 (Thesis

By analyzing the conventions of Thrasher

Magazine, Surfer Magazine, and Sports
Illustrated covers and identifying patterns
with content, structure, and style, the
reader can gain a better understanding of
the rhetoric behind them to avoid being
mislead or spun.

I added the names of the magazines and

replaced we with the reader in order to
identify who Im referring to and what
magazines Ill be talking about in my
paper. This makes my thesis statement
function properly and, more importantly,
gives the reader a clear idea of what my
paper is about.


Thrasher Magazine many of the same

structural and stylistic conventions as
other sports magazines.

I kept this the same because it organizes

my flow of ideas in a comprehensive way.
For the guts of my paper, I talk about the
structural and stylistic conventions and
how they are all similar, then I talk about
how their conventions differ, while
maintaining the same intentions. So,
keeping this paragraph and its topic
sentence the same is effective.


Surfer magazine possesses many of the

same structural and stylistic conventions
as other sports magazines.

I kept this paragraph the same as well

because, like I stated above, this
contributes to my flow of ideas in the
paper. First I talk about the articles
conventional similarities and then I explain
their differences, so keeping this paragraph
the same is effective.


Sports Illustrated possessed many of the

same structural and stylistic conventions
as other sports magazines.

Consistent with the last two paragraphs,

this one explains the similar conventions
that my third magazine cover possesses in
order to finish my explanation of how
these magazines share similarities with
respect to structure and style. Therefore,
keeping this paragraph in the same place is


All three articles share conventional

dissimilarities too, including their
intended audience and style.

Because there arent as many

dissimilarities as similarities, I decided to
keep this part of my essay in one whole
paragraph that compares the three
magazine covers. This paragraph is
essential in order to maintain my flow of
ideas, so I kept it stationary to complete
my analysis.


Analyzing these pieces and understanding

the rhetoric behind them reveals a
significant amount of information about
magazine covers and how much they can
tell you about whats inside.

I kept my conclusion the same because it

sums up my analysis and re-enforces my
main point. After explaining the
similarities and differences between them
and discussing the rhetorical devices they
use, stating the big idea of all the detailed
stuff is important, so keeping the
conclusions content is necessary.