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Grace Healey

Dr. Esposito
Reflection on Archetypes
When I first began observing, I thought of myself as a Wanderer.
Throughout my educational experience, I have always been
independent when it comes to my work. I hoped my work ethic as a
student would translate to my teaching style; I would encourage
students to interpret texts and find answers on their own terms, rather
than tell them the right way to interpret a text. When I taught 12th
grade students this semester, I was able to adhere to the Wanderer
archetype to an extent, but I realized that it might also benefit the
students if I were to incorporate the Warrior and Altruist archetype into
my teaching style. The Warrior focuses on encouraging students to
accomplish their tasks, which could go hand in hand with the Wanderer
archetype. By encouraging students to accomplish tasks in their own
way, I think their confidence in their abilities would increase.
Additionally, the Altruist archetype focuses on being compassionate
and generous. This would be a good trait to incorporate into my
teaching style because my students need to know that failing to
correctly complete a task is not the end of the world. Showing
compassion towards students who struggle with the curriculum allows
me to use the Wanderer archetype and try to find another way for
them to understand so that they can succeed and excel in the class.