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Jessi Towne

EDUG 547
Tutoring Lesson Plan #7
November 9, 2015

Appendix G

Tutoring Lesson Plan: Session 2 and Beyond

Basic Information:
Date: 11/9/15
Tutor: Ms. Towne
Tutees/Grade/s: Julian (4th), Kendy (3rd)

Session #: 7

Support for ELs: Before I start reading aloud to my tutees, I will make sure
to clarify the meaning of words I believe my ELs might not understand. I
make sure to speak slowly and clearly. When I ask a question, I will make
sure to give them more time to think and comprehend the question. When
they are writing, I will decrease the amount they need to write.
RICA connection: p. xvii Introduction; Common Strategies for Meeting the
Needs of All Learners; (B) Struggling Readers and Students with Learning
Disabilities; (3) Teach Things in Manageable Units;
Support for Learning Challenged Student: (Hard of Hearing): I will make
sure to speak loudly and clearly. I know there are other tutors and their
tutees in that same room, so I know it will be noisy and difficult to hear, so I
could take my tutees outside to sit on the grass in the shade for a change of
scenery and also for it to be a quieter atmosphere. I will also make sure that
we are all sitting in close proximity so the student can hear me properly.
RICA connection: p. 7 Competency 1, (5) Engaging and Motivating
Students; (A) Stimulating Learning Environment That Promotes Success
Introduction: Hi, Julian. Hi, Kendy. Its good to see you today. How are you
doing? Today, we are going to work on vocabulary words, read aloud, and go
over our readers theatre script with our friends.
Description of Activities
Titles of Books, Time
Fill in rationale, standards, objective,
s or other
and procedure for each activity. List
possible questions, words to be used, Notes/Reminde
rs, Sources,

Rationale: I want my students to

recognize and be able to read gradeappropriate words that are
misspelled often to become better
readers and writers.
RF.3.3d Read grade-appropriate


10 min

p. xvii (A)

irregularly spelled words.

; (6) Use
, and

Objective: The students will be able

to pick out the correctly spelled word
out of a list of misspellings of that
same word.

Read To
or Read

Procedure: Friends, we are going

to play a word game. I have papers
that have common misspelled words
on them. Each paper has the same
word on it, with 3 misspellings and
the one correct way to spell the
word. I want you to circle the word
that is spelled correctly on each
page. I will say the word, and then
your goal is to find the correct way to
spell that word in 10 seconds. For
each correctly spelled word, you will
receive a prize. There will be 10
papers with the commonly
misspelled words on them. Each
tutee gets 10 pages. I will hand the
tutees the papers one at a time. I will
set my phone for a 10 second timer.
After each 10 second period, I will
hand them each the next paper. At
the end of the 10 pages, I will gather
each students papers and count how
many they got right out of 10. For
each word they got right, they will
receive one sticker.
Rationale: I want the students to be
familiar with different genres of
books and I want them to hear me
reading with fluency.
RL.3.1 Ask and answer questions to
demonstrate understanding of a text,
referring explicitly to the text as the
basis for the answers.
Objective: The students will be able
to answer questions about the story
using the text to back up their

-Brian the Smelly

Bear book

15 min

p. 8 Comp
1; (5)
Aloud to

Procedure: Today we are reading a
book called Brian the Smelly Bear.
What do you think this book is going
to be about by looking at the title? I
will wait for Julian and Kendy to
answer before I move forward with
reading. I will start reading the book.
In the middle of the book, I will ask,
Are there any patterns that you
notice in this book? I will wait until
they start to answer. If neither of
them guesses the rhyming, then I will
tell them that one of the patterns is
the rhyming, and I will show them an
in-text example. Another question I
will ask them is, Why do you think
Brian is not able to smell himself? I
will allow time for Julian and Kendy to
answer. When the other animals get
together to hatch a plan for getting
rid of Brians smell, I will ask, What
do you think the animals are going to
do to Brian? I will give time for
Kendy and Julian to answer. At the
end of the book, I am going to give a
question for Kendy and Julian to think
and form an opinion about.

Rationale: The students will learn

how to organize their opinions about
the text in an organized format.
W.3.1a Introduce the topic or text
they are writing about, state an
opinion, and create an organizational
structure that lists reasons.
Objective: The students will write
their opinions in a graphic organizer
to categorize their thoughts so they
are able to compose an opinion

-Oreo graphic
organizer paper
-Pens or pencils

20 min

p. xvii (A)
; (3) Teach
Things In
e Units

Procedure: Do you like oreos? I

will wait until they have answered
and are waiting for my next move.
We are going to use the acronym OR-E-O to help us understand how to
write our opinions about the story. Do
you know what an acronym is? If
they do not know what an acronym
is, I will explain it to them verbally,
and I will take out my whiteboard to
draw out an acronym so they can see
it. If they do know what acronyms
are, I will just move on to the next
part of my lesson. I have
worksheets for us that will help us to
categorize our thoughts and opinions
about the story. I am going to give
you a question that I want you to
have an opinion about so you can
write in the worksheets. Should the
other animals have interfered in
Brians life to get him clean? I
will give Julian, Kendy and myself one
of the worksheets. I will make sure to
model what I am doing on the
worksheet so that Kendy and Julian
will be able to follow along and write
in their own opinions about the
question I posed to them from the
story. I am going to help you by
demonstrating how to fill out the
sheet. What I write in this sheet are
my opinions of the story. I want you
to write what your opinions are about
the story. It doesnt matter if your
opinion differs from mine. Thats why
opinions are different. I can say that
chocolate ice cream is the best ice
cream on the planet. You can say
that vanilla is the best ice cream on
the planet. Both of us are right. What
we think the best ice cream is shows
how our opinions are different. If
everybody thought the same way
and had the same opinions, our world

would be very boring. Okay, lets get

opinionated and start writing. I am
going to write out my opinions in the
oreo worksheet and tell them what I
am writing while I am writing it so
they can see how to fill in the


Rationale: Get my tutees to become -3 copies of the

readers theatre
confident in reading aloud by
script, Which
Shoes Do You
RF.3.4a Read with sufficient accuracy
and fluency to support
comprehension. Read on-level text
with purpose and understanding.

15 min

Objective: Students will feel

confident enough to read aloud in
front of an audience.

p. xvii (A)
; (5)

Procedure: Okay friends, we are

going to go outside so we can
practice reading our readers theatre
script Which Shoes Do You Choose?
with the kids in our group. We will
wait until Cassie and Monica are
ready to practice with their tutees
and we will go outside together and
practice as many times as we can.

Closing: Today, we did a word study for vocabulary words, we read a story
aloud, we wrote our rough drafts with our opinion on the read text, and we
practiced our readers theatre with our friends. I loved working with you both
today, you guys did awesome! I cant wait to see you next week!
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reflection/Notes: (Please type and attach comments to lesson plan)
At the end of each tutoring session, write comments about the session
regarding the following areas:

1) your reaction to the session

2) your tutee(s) reaction to the session
3) what you plan to focus on for the next tutoring session