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Dear Madam/Sir,

The first reasons and motivation for which I decided to become a volunteer abroad is
my curiosity. For me, being away from home and having the chance to be occupied
with people is not only a challenge that offers me the opportunity to get in touch with
another civilization, to understand their way of living, talk and communicate in
another language but also to cooperate with them, which is the most important thing.
Being away from home and developing contact with people from another country
might seem kind of scary especially if you are not familiar with such a way of living
and experiencing.

But there are things that seem so interesting and significant that is able to challenge
you to get over the second thoughts you may have.

I am also aware that they will be difficulties to deal with but I am sure and persuaded
that I wont be alone there but with people that can help and being helped and I will
give the best of me through efforts and give the best of me to correspond to their
needs and demands.

I hope I will be able to offer you my energy and enthusiasm, helping your project and
giving something from me to help children feel better.

Feras Alhallak