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N 479 Professional Development Grid/Plan

Name: Madison Bardsley

Date: December 2, 2015

In 3-5 years, I see myself working as a charge nurse in a Trauma Intensive Care Unit.


Patient Care

-Great at advocating for the

-Compassion with patients and
their family members
-Multi-tasking between patients
and the different tasks that need
to be completed

Unit Related

-Asking questions about the

units policies when unsure
-Helping others when they need
extra assistance
-Flexible in work assignments
and time management

Weakness/ Opportunity for

-Spanish proficiency with medical
-ICU skills

Short term goals/ strategies

-Goal: Take a Spanish class on
medical terminology
-Strategy: In order to master these I
will first look at available Spanish
classes and ensure that the class I
choose has high ratings and a great
teacher. I will then also find a
qualified tutor to help ensure I learn
the information taught in the class
and to have someone to practice
speaking with

Long term goals/ strategies

3-5 years
-Goal: Master ICU skills and be
able to teach them to new graduate
-Strategy: I will talk with
experienced nurses on the unit and
observe them as they perform skills
and then take all opportunities to
practice the skills within the unit.
This will allow me to have the
support to learn and the experience
to grow in my skills

-Knowing when to say no

-Speaking in front of big groups of

-Goal: Take on more responsibility

within the unit, such as organizing
different unit teachings or social
-Goal: Precept a new graduate
nurse on the unit
-Strategies: I will talk to the unit
manager and different nurses
throughout the unit to find what sort
of teaching are needed on the unit. I
will also find out what sort of social
gatherings the nurses are interested
in. I will then collaborate with the
charge nurse to plan the first
teaching and ensuring it is done
properly. I will also volunteer to
take on a new graduate nurse and
ask others for help if I get

-Goal: I would like to work

towards becoming a Charge Nurse
of the unit
-Strategy: To achieve my longterm goal I will speak with the
nurse manager about my interest in
the position and attend seminars on
leadership and charge nurse

-Goal: Join a critical care nursing

-Strategy: This can be
accomplished by going to the
meetings and registering with the
association, along with paying the

-Goal: Obtain my CCRN

-Strategy: To obtain this I will
finish the required amount of
practice hours within the hospital,
study for the exam, and take and
pass the examination

-Flexible: In the book it was

-Remembering information: I

N 479
Book Selection
(based on
strengths and

noted how being flexible is a

must as a nurse, one nurse
stated you have to quickly
adapt to each personality over
the course of the day
(Arnoldusson, 2009, p.8). This
is something I always strive to
do, to be easy going and
-Good communicator:
communication can make or
break a nurse, the book made
note that it really doesnt
matter how well you can give a
shot or do a dressing change.
Usually, the best medicine is a
good conversation
(Arnoldusson, 2009, p.54). This
is something that is important
to remember, especially on the
days we are extremely busy. We
are working with people and we
need to maintain good
communication in order to
deliver true quality care.


-Responsibility of all nurses

and patients within the unit
-Problem solving


-Collaboration between
healthcare professionals
-Teaching patients
-Broadening perspectives of
different approaches to
-Communication between team
members and patients
-Time management at
balancing all of different events
in life
-Dedicated to completing tasks
-BSN degree
-ACLS certification

Cont. Nrsg.
Educ. and/or
plans for
Higher Educ.

thought it was great that the book

offered tips to make your first 100
days on the job easier. One great tip
was to be ready to capture all the
facts in one place as soon as you
recognize you might need them in the
future (Arnoldusson, 2009, p.42).
They recommended keeping a binder
or notebook just for facts. I think it is
an excellent idea and will definitely
apply this to my life to help me
remember the abundance of
information I get on the job.
-Time off: I love staying busy, but
the book recommended that because
we will be so busy and overwhelmed
when we start our nursing careers to
take time off between when school
ends and your career begins, as this
gives yourself time for the
excitement and anticipation to build
up (Arnoldusson, 2009, p.21).
Knowing that taking down time is
my weakness, I need to listen to this
and take some time to take care of
myself before I start me career.
-Knowing what to prioritize from a
charge nurse viewpoint on patient
-Was only an 8 hour day, so was not
able to observe the entirety of the
charge nurses role from beginning of
the day to end
-Proficiency of different drugs
-Did not get any continuing
education credits or certifications

-Financial burden
-Prospective family, takes time away
from them

-Goal: Pass the NCLEX;

attend a trauma nursing conference
-Strategy: take an NCLEX prep
class and make a study schedule;
research when and where the
different trauma conferences are
happening. I then need to register
ahead of time for the conference and

-Goal: Obtain a Masters degree in

-Strategy: obtain experience
within the hospital as an RN, tailor
my resume and cover letter to the
program, apply to a masters
program and get accepted to the
program. I then need to dedicate

pay the appropriate fees for it

my time and energy to my courses

and graduate from the program