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Business Report Writing

By: Nitze S. Ortiz Vega

Professional Writing Class
Prof. Lugo

Executive Summary:
Hotel Staff Problem

Preventive legal management process STEM.

Application & benefit

Overall conclusion (summery and recommendations)


Every hotel should follow the recommended STEM





Problems with at least of the process.

Develop appropriate trainings for different employees and ensure that the
feedback is positive.


The employees & proper training (working as a team)

Guests ask for services and/or amenities and it can pass an hour without the
guest demand being full filled because the employees are not communicating
properly between departments.

I ordered
two hours

This part applies to managers and supervisors and encourages them to educate
themselves first so they can educate the rest of the employees.

Failing at their job because

Not educating themselves to:

communicate between departments

Passing down the laws, culture and training

Knowledge of the situations on the day to day basis (employees are not
communicating it)

Plan, organize, control and motivate.

Failing to plan ahead

Organize their staff and strategies (better customer service)

Motivate their employees

These problems can affect the hotel

in more ways than one and result in


All of these decisions have legal implications and are decisions made by the

lifeguard in the pool area

parking services to a local valet company

uniform requirements of staff

Operate within the law and manage preventatively

When not Courts could consider inattentiveness

Litigation matters are because of a poorly prepared employee.

Just like the ripple that forms when you throw a pebble in the water.

employee training extends to everyone

Biggest Splash!

Side with training topics closely with your company's goals = Maximum Benefit

Who will benefit most?

Hotel Monticello, located in the Georgetown area of Washington, D.C., has already
increased their 2007 training budget to meet the needs of their associates. The
boutique hotel's General Manager, Rob Suter, finds that training empowers
employees and adds value to the organization as a whole: "It eases the burden on
management when employees can alleviate situations immediately before they boil
over," says Suter. "From a guest complaint to a problem with a room - whatever the
situation is, when employees can resolve issues, it reduces stress for everyone."
Increased employee efficacy and decreased workplace stress, Suter points out,
results in a bonus: "It leads to satisfaction for the customer." (

Motivation is important to the competitiveness and success of companies,

especially during the current difficult economic conditions.

The main reason that managers should motivate workers to give their best efforts is
because it relates to the organizational outcomes.

When an employee makes a mistake, often it is the result of management error.

Either the wrong person was hired for the job, the duties for the job were not
effectively communicated to the employee, the employee was not properly trained,
or the employee was not effectively supervised or motivated to do the job
properly (Chapter 1: Prevention Philosophy, Hospitality Law by Stephan Barth)

Ritz-Carlton has become a leading brand in luxury

lodging by rigorously adhering to its own standards.
It is the only service company in America that has
won the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award
twice, and Training Magazine has called it the best
company in the nation for employee training.
(Robert Reiss, 2009)

Conclusion & recommendations:

Goal is to reduce employee mistakes

Encouraging and rewarding good performance

supportive work environment = reduce employee make mistakes

Therefore, I highly recommend that hotel establishments should create an

employee-centered motivation system and to follow the STEM process. In my
opinion it is one that is very complete and it can only help the company and