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Good Morning Students Teachers and last but certainly not least my most worthy

opponent I stand here today as Jelani Greer from the village of Marigot.. As you
already know Im contesting for the position of president of the Lead Institute
Student Council. You and I already know the only possible way this will happen is
with your help. So lend me your ears for the next second or two. While here at
Lead institute I have dawned a few names for myself some you know me as Jay ,
the Greer and soon I will be known as your voice. I want to be the voice to answer
the hard questions. Questions like where is my tablet? Why is it so hot? What
happened to the wifi? The real issues you know. I want to be your devils advocate.
In your darkest hour I want to be there for you or at least try the same way my
friends were there for me when I had my difficulties. Anyway enough about me
back to the people who matter the most you the students
I would like you to give yourselves a round of applause for choosing Lead Institute
just as I did and here I am with ready to serve you. this shows me that you are
capable of making the right if not best decision. Therefore today vote for the party
you feel would best represent your interest at heart. The decision is in your hands. I
would like to close with a quote from one of my favorite playwrights William
Shakespeare some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have
greatness thrust upon them Help me make lead the greatest it can be and further
eager you.