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It is well known that today, thanks to advances and modern proposals geologists
engineers and mine, when evaluating a mineral deposit, are able to discern whether a
mining project is viable or not viable to investors.
Therefore due to the vast amount of data that has to interpret as a result of a campaign
of exploration drilling, you have to resort to known mining software, to assist the
geologist or engineer to quantify the mineral resources and reserves, including design
the exploitation of the mine.
But this lies a problem for junior mining, small mining, professional consultants for
especially professionals we graduated in the fields of Ing. De Mines and Geology, at
the time of this work, since they generally lack knowledge mining software, given that
their institutions they represent, lack of budget to purchase expensive licenses to use
such software or in the case of students acquire application instructions.
Then this thesis, bases and proposed mining using free software (free
license) and SGeMS RecMin that used strategically, solve this problem, and
covers or repair this gap in technical professionals and companies that are
limited to alternative but to replace the expensive licenses, as
demonstrated in a case study, with data collected from an exploration