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11 Steps to Create a Successful Website

11 Steps to Create a Successful Website

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Published by: Tr3LoS on Mar 31, 2010
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Shopping cart/storefront software can be very complicated, and most small business
owners don’t have the expertise or ability to create their own. If you do decide to try this
yourself, make sure to choose a named provider that has a solid reputation.

If you’re unable to find software with the features you must have, hire a professional to
develop your own. He or she should have both the technical skill to make it work
reliably, and the design sensibilities to make it look good.

Be sure a design mock-up is part of the deal, so you can test the shopping cart before
your customer does. The process, including testing, shouldn’t take more than a month.
But don’t rush it. You’ll need some time to catch and fix any bugs that show up or design
elements you don’t like.

And include site management in your deal, at least for the first few critical months. You
might have to pay more, but will rest easier knowing your online storefront is in capable

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