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11 Steps to Create a Successful Website

11 Steps to Create a Successful Website

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Published by: Tr3LoS on Mar 31, 2010
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Drive traffic to your online business home with regular promotional campaigns and
strategies. This is limited only by your creativity and imagination, but start with these
well-tested methods:

• Discount programs are easy and effective. Use them as you would any direct-mail
campaign. Creating urgency with “Today Only” and other limited-time offers are
especially effective.
• Offer “Family and Friends” incentives.
• Set up a schedule of online and targeted e-mail newsletters. Include columns by
staffers, company news, promotions – anything to lure customers back to your site
– with links to get them there.
• Consider adding a podcast to your site (audio content that you record), with an
RSS link, which is a service that enables your visitors and customers to subscribe
to automatic email alerts referring to the latest content available.

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