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Rothenberger 1

Josh Rothenberger
Kinlea Hensel
English IV
21 October, 2015
Annotated Bibliography
Research question: What are the dangers of smoking tobacco cigarettes?
Thesis statement: Cigarettes are harmful to the lungs, the heart, and may cause cancer.

Bailey, Ellen, and Nancy Sprague. "Cigarette Smoking: An Overview." Points Of View:
Cigarette Smoking (2015): 1.Points of View Reference Center. Web. 21 Oct.2015.
This article gives an overview of cigarette smoking including the history of cigarettes in
the united states and the link between cigarettes and lung cancer. This articles also goes into
detail about how some counties and states have placed bans on smoking cigarettes in public
spaces. other things mentioned in this article include the harmful effects cigarettes have on the
human body and the amount of money lost due to early deaths and loss of productivity in the
american work force due to excessive cigarette smoking. I will use this information to show that
nothing good comes from the sale and use of tobacco cigarettes.

Esherick, Joan, and Mary Ann McDonnell. "TOBACCO's BIG RISK: Cancer." Clearing The
Haze: A Teen's Guide To Smoking-Related Health Issues (2004): 48. Points of View
Reference Center. Web. 21 Oct. 2015
This article covers almost every risk associated with tobacco use such as the inherent
risks of contracting all sorts of cancers. It talks about the extremely high percentage of cancers
related to cigarette smoking. Also this article gives real life accounts of people who have

Rothenberger 2

contracted life threatening diseases because of smoking cigarettes. These real life experiences are
what i will use to push my argument that cigarette smoking is extremely dangerous and that we
should be striving for a way to eliminate cigarettes altogether.

The United States." Tobacco Induced DiKhan, Rumana J., et al. "The Risk And Burden Of
Smoking Related Heart Disease Mortality Among Young People In seases 13.1 (2015):
1-8. Academic Search Complete. Web. 21 Oct. 2015.
This is a study done to show how cigarette smoking can cause heart related diseases. This
study shows that heart related diseases are exceptionally higher in those who smoking tobacco
cigarettes than those who do not smoke cigarettes. This study also shows that the rate of heart
diseases in those who quit smoking is significantly lower than in those how steadily smoke
tobacco cigarettes. I will use this information to show that there is hope for those who quit
smoking because many people believe that once you start there is no going back to a healthy life
and that is not true. It may take months and years for the effects of tobacco use to fade away but
it does eventually.