Act 1: The Set-Up during which the Character is an Orphan y y Hook: Intro to hero/heroine: o What is going to make

me like or respond to the hero/ine (whoever is in the opening scene) o What question am I going to form while reading scene 1 that will make me want to read scene 2 to find out more? Begin theme: Foreshadowing: Inner demons: Stakes: Ends with First Plot Point (Primary conflict, which imparts meaning to the story arc):

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Act Two: The Response during which the hero is a Wanderer y y y y y y Response to conflict: Hero s new quest: What stands in hero s way? Pinch Point 1: Ends with Midpoint (context shift): There are three things to go for here: o a retreat and a regrouping o a doomed attempt to take action o the reminder of the nature of the antagonistic force

Act Three: The Attack, wherein the hero is a Warrior y y y y Hero takes proactive action: The black moment: Pinch Point 2: Ends with Second Plot Point: Hero must start to fight his/her inner demons: Must remember that the antagonist has evolved too. They ve learned how the hero is fighting back, they ve overcome their own weaknesses in pursuit of their own agenda/quest. Everybody s picking up their game.


Act Four: The resolution, wherein the hero becomes a martyr y y y Resolution: Hero saves the day and is the catalyst for the resolution: Hero conquers inner demons (character arc):

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