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Piedmont CASA Board of Directors Meeting

October 14, 2015, Braselton, Georgia

Minutes of Board Meeting
Members attending: Steve Wittry, Charm McCall, Bob Derrick, Tom Murphy, Stacey Doughty,
Faye Spicer

Jacqui Lister, Lynn Balch, Steve Quinn, and Liz Elegreet

Members Absent: Mark Owen, Joe Vogt, and Tabitha Gooch

1. Call to Order: 8:33 a.m. by Chairman Steve Wittry who announced a quorum
Welcome by Chairman Steve Wittry
2. Steve introduced Annette Bates Executive Directors attendance via telephone
3. Consent Agenda Steve asked if any items should be removed from the consent
agenda. Hearing none, he called for a motion to approve the consent agenda as follows:
a. Minutes from Board of Directors Meeting on 8-12-15
b. Executive Directors Report
c. Cash Flow Report
Motion was made by Charm, seconded by Steve Q. to approve the Consent Agenda as
distributed. All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.
4. There was no old business.
5. New business
Chairman Steve discussed the role that the board members could take in learning more
about the mechanics of the CASA program including Panel reviews. The need to find
avenues to promote our Org. and to secure more volunteers was also mentioned
including improving our public relations and internet (including social media) presence.
He mentioned that the board members attend for a few minutes during one evening of
the volunteer training to thank them for their commitment and to attend volunteer
swearing in. He also stated it was important for the board to show the volunteers strong
a. Chairmans report was not discussed.
b. The board accepted the Resignation of Kay Williams Motion was made by
seconded by Steve Q. to accept the resignation. All in favor, none opposed,
motion carried.
6. Committee Reports

a. Superhero Run: Chairman Stacey Doughty announced that there were 105 Runners
and a
record $6,147 in profit. Despite the bad weather there was a good turnout, and
that help from Classic Race services including marking of the course made for a
very successful race. Costumes were well represented! Stacey thought over the
next few years that the fundraising goal for this event could be raised to $10,000.
b. Heart for Children sponsorships and flyers: Flyers were handed out, and Charm
mentioned the
finalized details of the Civic Center location and date of Feb. 20th, 2016. The band,
bartender, caterer, menu, and decorations have been secured. Time to get
Sponsors! A video will be shown, and there will be no guest speaker. Capacity is
estimated at 300 to 400 people
c. Nominating: Charm stated that Stacey has a friend who is an assistant DA who
would be
attending the next board meeting as a guest and potential candidate.
d. Succession : Charm announced that 11 applicants were interviewed by telephone
and that four
have been selected for in-person interviews. There is the possibility of one
additional person being added to that group of four. In her opinion all four
candidates currently being considered for further interviews are equally viable
Steve Q. asked whether the names of the final four could be made known to the
board for input. Chairman Steve W. said that he would take that into consideration,
that there were privacy concerns in doing so.
e. Development: Tom announced that the report would be forthcoming.
8. Next Meeting Date December 9, 2015, 8:30 a.m. Higher Grounds,
Braselton. 8:30- 9:30, come early and order your breakfast beginning at 8:00
9. Motion for Adjournment

Motion made by Charm and seconded by Bob to adjourn the meeting.

All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.
Bob Derrick