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Sierra, Mary Grace, Reilly, and Allison

Students are unaware
of the effects war has
on children around the
world in this current
day and age.
Cultural ignorance is
at the heart of war,
terrorism, and
Students often see one
version of the world
and in war you only
see your sides
perspective, blinded
by patriotism. It is
important to see
beyond the patriotism
and see the realities of
Terrorism is a constant
threat in our society.
From the recent ISIS

It is avoided because
people feel its outside
of their worldly
concerns. -Sierras
As for the reasons for
war, power, control,
domination over
religion, government,
hatred, and anger
were the most
commonly cited.
-Page 157,
Childrens Literature
A historical
perspective of war
would give us a sense
of war that wars are
mainly fought for
justice and freedom
however there are
many acts of terrorism

Impress upon the
students using books
that these stories of
war are real and
happen now such as
The Color of Home or
Song of Bagdad.
One classroom
practice I would
implement on a daily
basis is to not tolerate
cultural ignorance to
one another. I would
introduce texts such
as Terrible Things: An
Allegory of the
Holocaust by Evelyn
Bolton or Baseball
Saved us by Ken
Mochizuki and discuss
them in terms of
context, time period,
and situations.

attacks to the
memories of 9/11,
terrorism is a very
present danger that
children need to
understand. It is easy
for children to be
confused and scared
about terrorist threats
and attacks. Childrens
literature is a very
natural way to discuss
and introduce this
serious topic.

during these wars.

page 159,
Childrens Literature
Terrorism has become
a form of war and we
are living in it. page
154, Multicultural
Childrens Literature.
This quote is simple
and powerful; it
describes the growing
presence of terrorism
in society. The authors
acknowledge that the
strong presence of war
that faced America
(during the Civil War,
WWI, and WWII for
example) is just as
strong as the presence
of terrorist violence. A
quote from my
interview also
emphasizes this belief:
The book [Fireboat:
The Heroic Adventures
of John J. Harvey] was
effective in introducing
terrorism. It didnt
touch on who did the

Overall, I would
facilitate a safe
community to discuss
these themes.
Being able to choose
books that open up
their perspectives is
critical to literacy and
impressing upon them
the importance of
tolerance and human
kindness. I would
Introduce Texts such
as Tucky Jo and Little
Heart and I Will Come
Back For You: A family
in Hiding During WWII,
which both display
kindness and
tolerance in the midst
of war.
The main goal of
classroom practice is
to make students
aware of why
terrorism occurs and
where it is prominent.
Teachers can do this
by having students do
research reports on
the histories of
various wars, terrorist

act of violence or why,

but it still showed its a
danger facing our
country today. This
acknowledged the
danger of terrorism in
our world.

groups, and more

without getting into
graphic/scary content.
Literature is another
great way to introduce
the themes. A readaloud of books such
as Fireboat: The
Heroic Adventures of
John J. Harvey or The
Librarian of Basra: A
True Story from Iraq
will provide stories for
students. These
stories provide reallife faces and stories
from acts of terrorism
that will help children
understand the
tragedies better.