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Michael Candelaria

October 24, 2015

History 1700 Assignment 2

Analysis of the Voice of Freedom

The analysis I have chosen is a letter that Thomas F. Drayton wrote to his brother
Percival in April 17, 1861. Drayton was a South Carolina Plantation owner and ardent supporter
of secession. Drayton also went on and serve as a Brigadier general in the Confederate Army.
The counterpart to this document was a speech Abraham Lincoln did at a Sanitary Fair in
Baltimore in April 18, 1864 four years later after Drayton wrote a letter to his brother. Explaining
the difference in his speech the main difference that the North and South were having throughout
the Civil War.
In the two documents you get a sense that Drayton and Lincoln are on two different sides
of how liberty should be defined in America. Even with the pieces done here, where so far apart
in years. With one letter being written at the beginning of the Civil War by Drayton and Lincoln
speech towards the end. That there would never be agree upon unity of how liberty should be
reached. With that type of issue being out there in our Americas History at that time period you
can see how divided our country was.
When reading Drayton document you get the idea he was scolding Percival for taking the
position in the U.S Navy. Sound like Drayton is even rubbing in the face of Percival that there
wasnt even a single life to either side in taking control of Fort Sumter. In the letter you read a
statement saying All these evils and horrors will be laid to your doors, because you have
encouraged.(Drayton, Page 420) Drayton also explains the idea in the letter that they are

fighting for their home and liberty and ask his brother if the Northern Union can say the same
thing for themselves. In that letter though written by Drayton you never do read that the
Confederacy ever deny there fighting to keep slavery. If you read between the lines in the letter
you can tell Drayton is putting a pretty good agreement that Percival is fighting for the wrong
side. That he should stop listening to all the abolition lecturers, fanatical preachers, unscrupulous
editors, selfish politicians that were speaking out about how the South was being portrayed.
In Lincolns speech one of the statement he makes was a defining part of the time period.
By saying The world has never had a good definition of the word Liberty, and the American
people just now, are much in want of one. We all declare for liberty, but in using the same word
we do not all mean the same thing. (Lincoln, page 421) With saying that you can see what
Lincoln was trying to tell the American people. That the North and South have a very
incompatible meaning of what liberty actual means to both side. You cant have liberty or know
what liberty is if you cant abolish slavery in the states. That each man should be able to do what
he please with one self is the idea that Lincoln was trying to get the American people to
understand. That seems to be the main topic that was in the speech address at the Sanitary Fair.
I cant say if I lived back then if I would agree. We know now a days that slavery is
wrong. The Constitution starts off with We the people. I could understand why the South
thought that there way of life was being threat. I think we would all fight to protect the life style
we come accustom too. The most understood problem even now is the balancing act of what we
all think the meaning of liberty is. Some may even argue that in the idea of liberty is the threat of
tyranny. The South even know was wrong and was justifying the Civil War by claiming
protection of their home and liberties and a warped idea of denying they werent fighting for
slavery. Did what they thought was best for them. Plus, you had five states that defected all

together. All sides of this five year war would have been better off if they all were on the same
page of what liberty actually meant to the people. Without the large loss of life to a nation that
pitted brother against brother.