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Monica Izzo

Lesson Plan Rubric
September 30, 2015

Creepy Carrots Lesson Plan Rubric

Students will be able to analyze information from looking at the illustrations and
listening/looking to/at the words in Creepy Carrots In order to evaluate the characters, setting, or
plot. (Blooms taxonomy level- Analyzing and evaluating)

Level One:
Identify: They didnt identify
characters, setting, or plot
Accuracy: They did not
accurately label characters,
setting, or plot
Evidence: No evidence was
shown that they knew what
characters, setting, or plot
was from the text

Level Two:
Identified at least one
character, or gave the setting,
or identified the plot
Accurately talked about what
the main character is, setting,
or plot
Provided evidence knowing
at least one character, setting,
or plot.

Level Three:
Identified the main
characters, the setting, and
the plot
Accurately talked about the
main characters, setting, and
The main characters, setting,
and plot all matched those in
the book