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Welcome to Mbed2010

Welcome to Mbed2010

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A quick idea about how to use the site and what we should upload. I forgot to add that excel files work as well.
A quick idea about how to use the site and what we should upload. I forgot to add that excel files work as well.

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Published by: mbed2010 on Apr 01, 2010
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Welcome to mbed2010

A few basic guidelines for those of us who are using this site.
The username and password required to upload or download documents are BOTH ³mbed2010´, so username is ³mbed2010´ and password is also ³mbed2010´ I was thinking that using the subject, topic and year level in the title should work well as the site has a search function that we can use to find something once we have HUNDREDS of units to choose from. Uploading Office 97-2003 files works best because 2007 files can only be downloaded as PDFs, which means we can¶t open them and modify anything we may need to. 97-2003 files come down in their original format. Powerpoint presentations can be uploaded as well. In the interests of avoiding any objections from Uni I think we should remove coversheets and student ID. Not that I think Uni would mind as we¶re just sharing what we¶ve all already completed anyway, and they have comparison software to monitor plagiarism. Names or surnames being left on is up to each of us. Also if you have any appendices that aren¶t included in your unit¶s word file, just see if they¶ll copy and paste onto the end. It may work, if not never mind.

To any other pre-service teachers reading these and getting ideas for assignments, remember your referencing responsibilities, and take note that we¶re putting anything we have up here to build our collection, regardless of the final grade. UniSA also is aware of this website.

Please, please, please

upload any units you have even if you were

disappointed with your returned grade. We¶ve all been doing this for a few years now so we have a good idea about what would work, even if we didn¶t hit all the targets on the feedback sheets. Also remember that we can use this site as a way of creating integrated units by seeing what units could be combined together, so every little unit helps to build up our collection. If you think your unit is a bit weak you can always remove any personal references. If we all manage to get our Maths, English, SOSE, Science, H&PE and Arts units uploaded we would have a vast resource to use, and remember that once we get out there in the real world we won¶t ever plan the way we have been required to at Uni or have the time to. If we get organised now we¶ll be set for years, even after they scrap SACSA. Other useful articles could include the Science Media Items or English Genre Writing articles. The FAQs make mention of a daily download limit, but I can¶t find out what it is. If you get a message that you can¶t download, either wait a day, or even sign up to scribd.com yourself as it only takes a minute. We¶ll find out if this is in issue or not in due time.

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