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Gladstone Fair
Gladstone, MB

Happy Rock
Orphan Car Show
Saturday, August 13,
2016 at the
Gladstone Fair in
Gladstone, MB









Glory Days Car Club

About Our Club


The Glory Days Car Club was
formed in November, 2015 by two
Studebaker owners, Bruce
MacLean and Dennis Fenton. The
main purpose of the club is to organize an ‘orphan’ car show for
brands that are out of business or
discontinued. We have nothing
against Fords, Chevrolets, and
Dodges, but they tend to outnumber and overshadow the many interesting brands that also exist.

Why Gladstone?
We are a small club so we decided
to ‘piggyback’ our show with a preexisting event. We looked for a centrally located town with a summer
fair that had no car show component. Gladstone fills the bill. There
are extensive fair grounds there
and an established event every August. The town is only 150 km west
of Winnipeg on the Yellowhead
Highway, #16. It is easily accessible from other towns and cities
such as Brandon, Dauphin, Portage la Prairie, Neepawa, Minnedosa, Carman, Morden, and Winkler.

What is an ‘orphan’ car?
For the purpose of this show
we define an orphan as any vehicle made by a manufacturer
that is out of business such as
Willys or MG. We extend the
definition to discontinued vehicles from manufacturers still in
business as long as they are 25
or more years old such as Edsel and Plymouth. We are also
accepting Corvairs and air
cooled Volkswagens.

The Show
In order to attract as many vehicles
as possible we decided to have no
entry fee. This will be a show ‘n
shine type event with no judging.
Participants are asked to bring an
item for the Gladstone food bank.
There is a parade at 11:00 AM Saturday morning and we are invited
to participate in it with our cars
and trucks.


See you in Gladstone

Phone: 204-320-1708

Glory Days
Car Club