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Maria Vizcaino

Professor Massey
20 October 2015
Causes of the Increase of Violence Rates among Children in the United States
Violence rates among children in the United States have increased significantly over the
past decades; bullying others or being bullied are the only two options for anyone from kinder
through the fifth grade. The fact that the educational system does not remark the importance of
teaching about human or civil rights, the lack of free counseling for children of broken homes,
and the constant amount of virtual violence children are exposed to while playing video games;
are among the causes of the increased violence among children in this country.
In the United States only a few private schools, mostly in the Northern area, teach basic
human and civil rights to children since the first grade. On this topic, Congressman Underwood,
who leads the committee dealing with the education reform, stated, We will not waste childrens
time in teaching them subjects that they cannot fully comprehend at their age. However,
according to the specialized magazine Science Weekly, social studies expand analytical skills;
which is more than enough to teach them. In the same manner, Alison Conrad, a teacher from the
Orange County School District in Florida, claims that the most difficult time of her job is
teaching language arts because students write ignorantly given that they dont have any real
knowledge on what theyre writing about. A significant amount of teachers and parents disregard
that children have no idea whatsoever about the rights until they turn ten or eleven years old.
How can they be expected to rationalize and acknowledge that violence does not resolve any

issues? Children who learn subjects such as history can relate their arguments to major historical
disputes; therefore, realize that violence does not resolve them.
Similarly, in todays liberal society parents get divorced and remarried, some have
substance dependent issues, and some parents, unfortunately, have terminal illnesses. Adults
often lack understanding of these situations, thus, children rightfully do as well. A childs coping
mechanism to deal with their case at home, regardless of their economic scenario or social
situation translates into violence. In Indiana, it is required for every school to give two monthly
hours of free professional counseling to each student enrolled in a K-12 public institution.
Violence rates among these children have decreased consistently over the past three years, since
the legislation was approved. Counseling is a direct cause of less violence among children
because they encounter themselves in situations in which they would simplify each other (over a
color pencil, for example). They have someone leading them to understand and acknowledge that
violence is much more of a problem than it is as a solution.
On the same note, the outrageous level of violence children are exposed to in video
games contributes to nurturing their believe that assaults, robberies, guns, and murder are part of
an average citizens life. The majority of these games are rated for adults because of the level of
violence they content. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain children away from them, given
that psychologically, they are not ready to handle this level of aggressiveness. Soon, for them
real life becomes their stage and they violate the rights of those who surround them. The research
shows how 86% of massive shooters have declared to have a dependence on these violent video
games because it helps them cope with anger and anxiety. However, it is not a productive way to
cope because the negative consequences surpass the positive ones.

Hence, it is important to recognize that the major effect of video games, the lack of
teaching human and civil rights, and the absence of regular counseling is the increasement of
violence rates in The United States. Children are the future of this country and citizens cannot
allow this rates to increase anymore. The time to act is now, by emphasizing the importance of
human and civil rights and providing free counseling. In the same manner, supervising the video
games children play is another way to solve this issue.