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Multi-Genre Reflection

For my Inquiry Project, I chose to research Genetically Modified Organisms. To be more

specific I focused on the health effects they may potentially have on the human body and ways to
avoid them in an everyday lifestyle. In the beginning stages of my research, I had little
background knowledge on health effects GMOs could hold. But as I dug deeper into my
research I soon became aware of the many negative effects these engineered organisms purpose.
My goal with this project is to answer the question Are genetically modified organisms hurting
us? With a strong position believing they are harmful, I want to bring awareness and persuade
my audience into limiting or even removing GMOs completely from their diets.
My target audience for this project is the younger generation, such as high school
students, college students, and those in there twenties. These three categories most likely include
a majority of people who are not aware or invested in this topic, and have not taken one extreme
side or the other. One of the key reasons behind choosing this demographic is because they are
the future of our society. There are also many studies showing that younger people are more
susceptible to considering change in contrast to the older generation, who like things done the
way they have always been done. I believe it is important my target audience hear my message
now because it could be too late if change comes in the far future. If society as a whole continues
to allow the food industry to genetically engineer our food, who knows what harm will come to
our bodies.
Instead of writing a traditional research paper, I chose the path of a multi-genre project. I
saw that creating a PowerPoint and a brochure could be extremely effective when attempting to
reach my target audience. The PowerPoint I constructed contains images of rats that were fed
genetically modified corn, and the large tumors they developed weeks later; along with cows

affected by a similar chemical (rBGH). By showing the disturbing results of GMO consumption
as well as the inhumane treatment of animals, I will be able to target my audiences emotions,
and appeal to their pathos. In order to adhere my viewer logos, I included information regarding
the potential health risks of GMOs, which provided reason and evidence to support my
argument. Accompanying my PowerPoint is a brochure. In this pamphlet I give tips for living a
GMO free lifestyle. With these two genres, people can both absorb information pertaining to
genetically modified organisms and have ways to decrease them in their everyday diet.
The two genres I chose are perfect for my target audience. Just as guest speakers do every
year, I would go around to different high schools, and universities with my presentation. I would
display the PowerPoint and pass out the brochure while I present my argument to the students. It
would be completely accessible to my audience due to the fact that I am giving it to them and
would not have to go out of their way to access it.
I used multiple sources from my three column notes to fulfill my purpose. To show the
lack of regulation of GMOs, I pulled information from the article "Spilling the Beans:
Unintended GMO Health Risks." Jeffrey Smith explains how the FDA does not require any
safety evaluations for GMOs. Instead, biotech companies, who have been found guilty of hiding
toxic effects of their chemical products, are now in charge of determining whether their
genetically modified foods are safe (Smith). Focusing on the health risks of genetically
engineered plants I used the article "Institute for Responsible Technology- Doctors Warn: Avoid
Genetically Modified Food. This source gave insight to experiments done with lab rats. After
consuming GM corn the rats developed large tumors, along with their babies dying within three
weeks. Studies revealed that GMOs dont necessarily leave our body long after eating them; that
they have the potential to stay inside our bodies giving the pesticides the chance to flourish.

Doctors have noted the large increase in gastrointestinal issues among patients in the past 10
years (Smith). I also used a documentary titled GMO OMG. When attempting to gain
information from the company Jeremy Seifert, the director, was ignored and asked to leave by
security. Which makes the viewers wonder, what is Monsanto really hiding. Using this
information emphasizes the deception behind the biotech company Monsanto.
The modes of communication I relied on most heavily were visual and linguistic. Both
my PowerPoint and brochure include many images that help convey my message, along with
carefully selected word choices. At the end of my PowerPoint I leave my audience with the
proposition So you decide, referring to the decision to continue consuming GMOs or to take
the information I have given into consideration. I would also say I used the spatial mode
throughout my two genres with the way I organized and arranged the two pieces.
Overall I believe my two genres will be successful to my target audience. Both are
readily accessible, one being online the other being a physical handout. The organization of
evidence and images on each slide of my PowerPoint, as well as in my brochure, will help get
my argument across in a clear and effective manner. I thoroughly feel that the genres I have
selected create the best approach to persuading my intended audience.