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1272 Clinton Street, Noblesville IN | (317) 496-2728 |

December 4, 2015

To Wh om It May C oncern,
I am a hard-working and organized professional seeking an opportunity to work for a
great company. I possess many skills that will allow me to provide a great contribution to
any company.
Some of my skills include:
Organization skills
Administrative support
Ability to assess and resolve problems
Keeping track of records
Computer skills
I can fulfill the duties required for the current position and would love the opportunity to
meet and interview with you. I believe that through my ethics, professionalism, and skills I
would be a great addition to your company.

Tiffany Painter

1272 Clinton Street, Noblesville IN| (317) 496-4748 |


To secure a great position with a growing company and leverage my people, phone, and
organizational skills to meet and exceed business goals. I have extensive knowledge in
creating production and training schedules and feel confident that my strong
communication skills, positive attitude, and attention to detail will be a great addition to
the team.

High School Diploma


GPA 3.8

Ivy Tech Community College

Currently attending with a focus on Dental Hygiene




Provided comprehensive administrative support to management team. Responsibilities

include organizing office operations and procedures, controlling correspondence,
managing filling systems, and assigning clerical functions.

Lone Wolf Media-Executive Assistant


Re sp on si bili tie s includ e organiz ing and mai ntain ing fi le s, sche dulin g
mee tin gs and app oi ntmen ts, and making travel arrang eme nts.



Duti es in cl uded morn ing b ath room b reaks an d feedin gs for over 150 dogs
an d cats, charti ng of all stools, afternoon playtimes, ch artin g of all
activiti es, cl eaning en ti re kennel , eveni ng feed ing s, pe t che ckou t, and
upd ating cu stome rs of dogs and cats p rog ress.

Three Bridles Farm


Re sp on si ble f or manage men t of stab le s, sched uling fe edin gs of up to 30

horses, maintai ning ridin g lesson sched ule, trai ning h orse s, me ticul ou s
groomi ng for show sched uling and man age men t.

Ford Motor Company


Te am leade r re sponsibl e for cre ating p rod ucti on an d trai ning sche dule s.
Pe rf orm quality con trol aud its and li ste n to empl oyee re comme nd ations to
ach ieve continu ou s imp rovement. En su re all e mpl oyees ad he re to safe ty
stand ard s whi le mee tin g time sen si ti ve produ cti on qu otas.

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Google Docs, Dropbox

Harrison Painter (317) 871-1000
Rhonda Stoughton (317) 908-1708
Betty Landis (317) 628- 7578

Letters of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tiffany Painter for over 20 years, both personally and
professionally. I have always found Tiffany to be focused, dedicated and someone who
sets goals and then achieves them. Tiffany is reliable, honest and demonstrates daily her
commitment and support of those around her. Tiffany puts the needs of others first,
whether thats her family, friends, employers or even her beloved pets. She is forward
thinking and always ready to share ideas and her thoughts to ensure that problems are
not only fixed but avoided. Tiffany demonstrates an energy and passion for life rarely
seen she is truly a unique person. I would highly recommend Tiffany for any job position
or schooling program in which she is interested.
If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.
Rhonda Stoughton
Rhonda Stoughton
Divisional HR Manager
Great Lakes Division
h.h. gregg
317-569-3836 (office)
317-614-5979 (mobile)
4151 East 96th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Date: December 4, 2015

Subject: Recommendation Letter
To Whom It May Concern:
I have had the pleasure of knowing Tiffany for over 20 years in both a personal and
business setting. She has an incredible work ethic fueled by a passion for helping others.
She is an extremely well organized professional who can succeed in any environment.
Likeable, honest, and dedicated are three words that always come to mind. If you are
looking for someone committed to creating value and getting the job done there is
nobody I would recommend higher than Tiffany Painter.

Harrison Painter
Noblesville Voice
(317) 871-1000

Joanna Greene
Ivy Tech Community College
815 East 60th Street
Anderson, IN 46013
December 10, 2015

To Whom It May Concern,

I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Tiffany Painter. I have
the pleasure of working with Tiffany this semester as she is a student in my Anatomy
Physiology 101 class. She is one of the highest scoring students in the class and
maintained an A average all semester. Based on her previous exam grades, I
expecting an outstanding final exam grade from her as well.


I enjoy having Tiffany in my class, not only because of her good marks, but because of
her sweet and encouraging nature. It is clear that Tiffany is a humble young woman with
a heart for others. When she heard about another student in the class who was
struggling financially, she quickly volunteered to help. Each week, Tiffany comes early to
the classroom to make sure she is prepared for the lecture, but while waiting for class to
begin, she is generous with her time in helping and encouraging other students. She
offers a gentle, cheerful disposition in conversation and inspires others to give their best
to their work.
I am looking forward to working with her next semester in Anatomy and Physiology 102. I
think she will enjoy the greater challenge presented by the material, and I will be grateful
for her example of positive and patient academic study.
I welcome you to contact me by phone at 765-643-7133 x2026 or by email, if you would like more information about Tiffany.

Joanna Greene
Assistant Professor
Biological Sciences