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Uribe 1

Brian Uribe
Professor Bieber
English 115 Honors
13 October 2015
I. Nearly 23 million Americans watched on as their USWNT won their third World
Cup, but the National Womens Soccer League received under 500,000 attendance
for the entirety of the previous season, with the national league struggling to
maintain a following why dont people support their domestic league?
II. They couldnt be bothered because Women who play soccer are treated differently
than the men who play the sport.
III. Although the nations women compete on an international level, double standards
within the country will hold back the women from reaching their full potential
because improper officiating stagnates competitive play, women who play sports
do not fall under the medias agenda, and players are held to too high of
I. Referees treat women differently than they normally do.
A. A France article compiled data on how referees decisions on similar fouls.
1. Men are to be more aggressive, play is more fluid and less
2. Women are to be careful, play was interrupted and had constant
B. As a result, games have a lower ceiling than men and only attract a certain
amount of attention.
II. Women have less coverage than men in media.

Uribe 2
III. They have higher production values, higher-quality coverage, and higher-quality
commentary ... When you watch womens sports, and there are fewer camera
angles, fewer cuts to shot, fewer instant replays, yeah, its going to seem to be a
slower game, [and] its going to seem to be less exciting
A. Women are held to lower standards than men in entertainment.
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I. With women having to comply with game-changing officiating, receiving a blind
eye from most media, and deemed destined to failure theres nothing in the
immediate future that suggests change.
II. If the nations league was restructured and followed that of Europeans and worked
together with mass media and provided incentives for females to adopt the sport
then the idea of a strong womens league could be fathomable.
III. Unless the nation abstains from selective patriotism and becomes more active
with womens soccer as a whole, then gender equality in entertainment will seem
more attainable.