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Name: _______________________________________________________________________________ Date: _____________________

Lesson Plan Format

(Customize title to match what the learning is for the lesson)

(4 parts)


Name of Course/Class:
Note: Name of Course is listed on curriculum
Note: Create a Title to let the viewer know exactly what you are going to be teaching

Grade Level:

(Be sure to write out if you need 10 things, 2 things, etc.)

(How might you accommodate/modify the learning for all students?)
How might you accommodate/modify the leaning for special education students?

Orient the leaner:

(4 sections)

Essential Questions
(Check curriculum for this.)

(Check curriculum. Make sure there are 4 part objectives.)

(Visit NJCCCS, Common Core, etc.)

Interdisciplinary Standards
(Visit NJCCCS, Common Core, etc.)

Anticipatory Set/Hook/Daily Review


Input/Modeling or Present Information

Check for Understanding/Provide Learner Guidance

(8 events)

Guided Practice with coaching /Elicit Performance

Independent Practice/Provide informative feedback





Student / Teacher Feedback

Lesson Plan Format Explained


Name of Course/Class

Provide name of course/class which will be listed in the schools curriculum.


Grade Level:
Resources, Materials:
and/or Modifications:

Provide the observer with the grade level as there may be more than one level in this particular course (Ex: 9 th/10th grade)
Provide all necessary materials needed to conduct this lesson. (Example: LCD projector, slide changer, scissors, paint, etc.)

Essential Questions
the leaner:




Input/Modeling or
Present Information
Check for
Learner Guidance
Guided Practice /
Elicit Performance
informative feedback

Instruction customized towards a specific learner including individual educational plan (IEPs) and/or Section 504. Feel free to also include
modifications/accommodations to other learners if it enhances learning outcomes.
Lead the learner to the overall Big Idea. Some of these questions may not have a correct/incorrect answer. Visit the curriculum with the district to locate these
Objectives describe the specific skill the learner should acquire after the lesson is complete. Visit Blooms Taxonomy on the four domains of learning and action
verbs to support Higher Ordering Thinking Skills (HOTS) and Lower Order Thinking Skills (LOTS). Also visit the districts curriculum to access objectives for
the course. Note: The higher level of objective, the greater the learning.
Align the objectives of the course with standards set by New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS), Common Core, New Jersey Core
Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS) for Technology, and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
Include standards that relate to more than one content area; (Ex: You are a freshmen science teaching identifying the parts of the microscope. When addressing
these parts, you also provide the historical background of the how the microscope changed by several scientists over the past 200 hundred years (history
connection) and you also explain how to calculate the magnification of the eyepiece and objective (math connection). You will include standards from both
history and mathematics that show the interconnection between several disciplines. Use the standards from NJCCCS, Common Core, and/or ISTE.
Provide a means to motivate/involve/gain interest in the lesson.
Provide a detailed summary of how the information will be provided to the learner.
Check to see if the learner makes sense of this material and/or provide learner with strategies to learn material.
Provide an opportunity for the learner to perform the objective with coaching if needed and watch to see if there are any problems with the learning.
Provide further application (alone) to the learner. The teacher will provide detailed, constructive criticism, and correction.
Provide the wrap-up of the lesson while reinforcing/clarifying any areas of confusion.



Student Feedback
Teacher Feedback

Process of gathering information to determine if the objectives were successfully met. The objectives of the lesson must match the assessment of the lesson.
Opportunity to make a connection from one lesson to the next and make the learning stick.
Provide the learner the opportunity to give feedback regarding the lesson as well as self-reflection. The learner will determine what went well and needs to be
tweaked regarding all components of the lesson. The learner also does a self-evaluation on how he/she can improve his/her learning.
Provide the teacher to reflect on what went well and what needs to be changed for the following day and/or the next time this lesson will be done. Also allows the
teacher to hone skills of how student learning can increase doing different strategies. The teacher will also learn from the standpoint of the learner what went well
and what needs to be re-evaluated.