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Asma Teaching Philosophy

His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan the UAE

focused on education in UAE. He always said that the "The Youth are
the real wealth of the Nation, who prepare to lead a new generation
capable of contributing to the progress of the Nation through learning,
because education among the priorities of progress" (Education in the
UAE, 2015).
I consider that most of the teachers are looking for advance
education methods and activities that have been instrumental effective
in their lesson, to develop student self-learning abilities, improve their
understanding level, achieve lesson objectives in a successful manner
and improving innovative skills. The curriculum in UAE is created
depends on students ages and grades, to help them understand the
contexts of the curriculum easily. In addition, the curriculum must
improve students knowledge, acceptance of lesson diversity, skills,
and abilities, which let them explore their new information in their
educational environment an effective way.
Beliefs About Education
I believe that the main aim of education is to understand and
acquire new information through using different kind of approaches in
the lesson, which lead to avoid feeling bored, whether for teacher
while she\he explain the lesson or for students. I believe that in the
working life education certificate is one of the important requirements
and reasons to accept in the job, whether government institutions,
private institutions, hospitals, banks, and other sectors. Whenever the
certificate with high degree, the salary will be high, that shows the
importance of education in the future life of each student. Also, I
believe that education is provided for each learner possible needs in

learning to build their knowledge, generate creators learners,

achievement learners, innovators and active learners.
Landes, in 2012, said The value of a college education is not
the learning of many facts but the training of the minds to think. In
my view, the successful teacher is planning to increase the positive
power of the learners to understand lesson clearly and motivate them
to learn by doing and practicing, not just understanding teacher
Beliefs About Learners
I believe that all students learn in a different way because they
have different learning styles, which is divided into four sections, visual
learners, auditory learners and kinesthetic learners. These learning
styles are different between one students to another. In general, all
students have these three learning styles, but they prefer one learning
style more than the others.
In addition, I trust that students work well when they work in
together in the group more than in pairs or individually (See PDP
Goal). Because in groups, students can exchange their ideas, work as
a teamwork, learn how to respect each other, be collaborative students
and active as well. So, I will promote active collaboration between
students through creating a social learning, such as discussion board
and group projects, to share their ideas about specific ICT topic or
build their brainstorm to know what they are already know about the
lesson before my explanation. And I will
create different worksheets, high and low worksheets depend on
students level of learning (See PDP Goal 1). Because it will help my
learners to develop their level in learning step by step, with my
scaffolding during the lesson.

Furthermore, I believe that students felt more enthusiasm in

learning new information in the lesson, when the teacher reward them
whether verbal reward or non-verbal reward (See PDP Goal). Because,
students feel proud when their answers of teacher questions are
correct, they work hard to understand the lesson and collect their
group points as much as to be a winner student. I believe that reward
strategy is playing an important role in student learning.
Beliefs About Teaching
I believe that the teacher must explain to the students the aim
of each step in the lesson not just describe the step guidelines.
Because, the students would like to know the reason of each action in
the classroom. As Kyriacou, in 2007, said that the successful
classroom climate depends on the relationship between teacher and
students, exchange respectful, use different activity, eye contact, be
flexible and active students.
In teaching, I believe that if the teacher develop communication
with her learners, she\he will know more about their students like and
dislike, then the teacher can connect students like in the lesson to gain
positive result at the end of the lesson (See PDP Goal). Because, I
believe that when the teacher connect something that my students like
or prepare it, they were feeling active during the lesson and the
relationship between us will be more flexible.
I believe that controlling is one of the most important roles of
the teacher, which is contains how the teacher is giving guidance to
the students, how to lead a question and answering during the lesson
and how to make student accustomed to set routines in the lesson.

Finally, I believe that teaching is not an easy job, but if the

teacher loves her job, teaching will be easy. Because, teaching does
not just explain the lesson for the students, teaching is care about
students during the classroom, care about their behavior, help them to
love learning, motivate to work hard and build their knowledge.
Overall, the teacher is developing their awareness in teaching to
create successful lesson plan, which include a variety of activities and
rely on my theories, to generate a strong lesson plan. After
graduation, I will be an effective teaching through look for what my
learners like and dislike, then I will connect it in my lesson. I will gave
my students a chance to learn by doing, connect the lesson with
different kinds of technologies, such as twitter, Instagram and
YouTube. Because, most students have their own account in social
networks, and most of them had fun when they use social media in the