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Bondurant-Farrar Community Schools

Artifact Title: Student CDP Math Data
Portfolio Author: Christina Cornia
Date: October 27, 2015
Iowa Teaching Standard 5 Uses a variety of methods to monitor student learning.

a. Aligns classroom assessment with instruction.

b. Communicates assessment criteria and standards to all students and parents.
c. Understands and uses the results of multiple assessments to guide planning and
d. Guides students in goal setting and assessing their own learning.
e. Provides substantive, timely, and constructive feedback to students and parents.
f. Works with other staff and building and district leadership in analysis
of student progress.

I chose this artifact to show:

X strength and competency in this standard
Evidence to support attainment of this standard:
Description of artifact and how the artifact meets the standard:
This ongoing document is completed weekly, if not daily, by the fourth grade team. We each have students on
this list who we are continuously monitoring the scores of these students. These students are those who did
not meet the proficiency benchmark on their third grade Iowa Assessments. The students highlighted in green
are those who are very close to the benchmark; these are the students we believe we can get to the proficiency
mark with extra support and interventions this year. In addition to each teacher contributing to this data, we
discuss the data as a team during PLC meetings.

Reflection on artifact:
Having a Google Document of this data has been a very useful tool. All teachers on the team can access and
contribute to the data. It also allows each of us to know how the students are doing even if they are not in our
homeroom. It is also interesting to see how the students are doing as individuals, but also as a group. When
we see similar scores across a particular assessment we have an idea of how well the lesson went, be it math or
in reading. If the majority of the students were successful, that reflects well on the lesson. If the majority
scores poorly, that is a lesson or concept we need to revisit and reteach.