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Mnzumzane, Honourable, Dokotela, mkhulu B Nzimande.

As a father, as ubab' omncane, as umalume, as friend as a citizen of Azania [not the

time for debate, time for a little of the truth!!!) well in simple words as a fellow
human being. FEES MUST FALL it cannot be that young African women in higher
educations in our country resort to what have to term as sex work to pay for their
fees. Prostitution is violence, not a profession! (Prof. W U Eckart)
Abogogo abakhulisanga izizukulu zabo kuze ziyoba oninda lapha eScottsville and
other numerous institutions of higher education. This is a hidden reality that plays
its self out every day. Yes it means that this evening. Mostly likely that young lady
you see (if you happen to drive by or walk past there in the dark) will be that very
student esetohogweni[piece job]. Its most likely she needs a couple thousands to
settle her fees so she can get her results. The very results which increase her
chances in securing good employment.
Umdeni ngendlela ujabula ngayo kuyenziwa ucimbi wegraduation. As soon as she
finds employment she leaps right into (hold your breath and guess) you guessed
right BLACK TAX. It is a daily reality for young women as young twenty four years.
Take care of their siblings children as their very own depends in other words hibo
Uyofunda bo. Uyonyukisa amathuba we a better healthier life for all. Please lets
give our grandmothers a break. Ingane zabogogo zibulwe yisifo senqulazi . Manje
kmele bakhulise abazukulu babo sebekhulile. African women have suffered enough.
For some grannies life was colonialism than apartheid colonialism.
Women must live their lives with a basic human right DIGINITY in every moment of
their existence.
FEES MUST FALL!!! African women are not in higher education institutions to
increase their chances of contracting venereal diseases. They are actually studying
to make a contribution towards A BETTER LIFE FOR ALL including their own
Mnumzane angikudeleli. Im not calling you out. Kodwa iqiniso kumele likhulunywe.
Abashana bethu, indodakazi zethu kaziyanga ukuyofunda ziphinde zibambe netoho
lokqwayiza FEES MUST FALL!!!!
In times such as these as in history should be unforgettable moments.
Now that