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Bondurant-Farrar Community Schools

Artifact Title: PLC Log
Portfolio Author: Christina Cornia
Date: October 27, 2015
Iowa Teaching Standard 7 Engages in professional growth

a. Demonstrates habits and skills of continuous inquiry and learning.

b. Works collaboratively to improve professional practice and student
c. Applies research, knowledge, and skills from professional development
opportunities to improve practice.
d. Establishes and implements professional development plans based upon the
teacher needs aligned to the Iowa Teaching Standards and district/building
student achievement goals.
e. Provides an analysis of student learning and growth based on teacher created
tests and authentic measures as well as any standardized and district-wide tests.

I chose this artifact to show:

X strength and competency in this standard
Description of artifact and how the artifact meets the standard:

Evidence to support attainment of this standard:

This log represents the different professional development sessions the team attended during our October
staff development day. Several of us took notes on what we were learning and how this would be beneficial in
the classroom. Among the sessions we attended was learning how to use our technology and curriculum
together for assessments, a session on behavior strategies, and a number sense session. Ideas from each of
these sessions have already been implemented in the classroom.
Reflection on artifact:
The team was able to look at the schedule of sessions prior to the day. We discussed who would attend which
sessions. We tried to attend sessions that would be of the most benefit for our individual classes. For example,
I have six students who are in the talented and gifted program so I attended this session. It was nice to have a
wide range of opportunities and interest areas.
Unfortunately I was not able to attend every session I wanted to, but most of the four I attended I found
educational. I enjoyed learning how to use Think Central and our new chrome books together for assessments.
I have not yet tried this as I have not had the opportunity to keep the chrome books for an extended period of
I would have enjoyed attending the number sense session as well. The team members who attended that
session brought back some great information. They explained why some lesson we dont like as teachers, are
very beneficial to students as they gain a foundation in numbers.
I would enjoy another day like this one to attend a variety of sessions, share new ideas, and try new strategies
in the classroom.