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Social Networking Interview Transcript

Justin Bambach

Interview 1 – Brian Lee

Brian Lee is an Associate Professor in the department of Landscape Architecture. Brian got his
doctoral degree from Pennsylvania State University in the school of Forest Resources. He also
has a Bachelor’s degree in Regional Planning from Pennsylvania University. He teaches five
courses at the University of Kentucky in the Landscape Architecture program.
I chose Bryan because he is one of the top guys in my program. He is the one that got me to
come to UK. Also, I look up to him and go to him when I need advice.

1) How do you define success?
- The way I see success is when you are making a positive difference in something. There
are many types of successes, they can be big or small, but as long as you are making a
good impact then it a success. When I think of the definition of success I think about a
TED Talk by Richard St. John. In his talk he describes 8 things that makeup success, and
he does it very well.
2) What advice do you have for me to be successful in college?
- You have to work hard and have fun. You need to be on top of things and work hard in
everything you do but you also got to have fun while you are doing it. You are paying a
lot to come here, so take advantage of everything: go to gym, go to sporting events, go to
offered academic lectures. Be open to learning, because college is one of your last
opportunities you’ll have to take in and learn new things. Also, don’t wait until the last
minute to get things done. Plan ahead and be on top of your assignments.
3) What do you think it takes for someone to be successful in the field of Landscape
- It is a great field in many ways. It is not a very hard to be good in the field, but it is very
hard to be great. You always have to be open to new information, and always be seeking
new knowledge. Always traveling to new places is a major factor to new ideas and new
4) Is there any resources I can use to help guide me to be successful in the program?
- Look for dedicated students. Learn from their successes and mistakes. Follow the leaders
and the upperclassmen of the program, and go to them for help when needed. Also, don’t
be afraid to go to the facility for guidance when needed.
5) Do you have any advice on setting goals?


Go for what you want, and not just settle for what you think you can do. Don’t let
anything hold you back from doing what you want most. Don’t be afraid to take risks.

6) Why did you choose the field of Landscape Architecture?
- Originally I didn’t plan on going to college, I wanted to do woodworking, which really
interested me. I also considered exercise physiology. I had some friends that were in the
landscape architecture program and it sounded interesting to me. The weird thing about
me is that I visited 6 landscape architecture firms before I even toured and colleges.
7) Where would you like to see the field go?
- Many different directions. I think we need to embrace performance landscape (landscape
that serves a function). We also need to take on the global environmental challenges.
Many overpopulated cities are in major need of some landscaped areas and we need to
address that. Also, the problem I see with development in the field is that there is no
criticizing, it’s all praising. There needs to be more critiquing in the field.
8) Would you have changed your path now if you could?
- No I wouldn’t. Back in the day I did change my path several times. I applied to several
schools for ecology but was rejected. I ended up having two masters, the first was with
computers and the second was with landscape ecology. I started out on the computer path
but then went more towards the landscape path.
9) Do you have any intern advice?
- Go with what feels right and what interests you most. Don’t be afraid to go out in the
world and try new thinks. Don’t necessarily just stay close to home. Explore all your
options before you decide to pursue one.
10) Any other advice or suggestions for me?
- Take all opportunities that are available
- Work hard and have fun while you are doing it
- Don’t look at work like its work
- Bring in different perspectives on how you do things or look at things
- Go above and beyond what people ask of you
- Always come prepared

Interview 2 – Morgan Dunay

Morgan is a 4th year student in the Landscape Architecture program, and will be graduating this
spring. I took the advice of Bryan Lee and went to an upperclassmen for some insight.

1) What are your career aspirations and goals for post-graduation?
- I want to pursue a master’s degree in Urban Design. Not many LA students for their
masters but I really think it will benefit me. I want to work in the government sector of
Landscape Architects, in the public office. I want to work with trail systems and bike
2) Do you have any philosophies on design that could help new students like me?
- Try everything once, it may not work out but it is definitely worth a shot. I also say that
no idea is a bad idea.
3) Is there any firms or designers that you admire?
- There is a firm in Cincinnati called Human Nature. I really like the work that they do, I
once considered interning there.
4) What are the key issues facing the landscape architecture profession?
- I think there is a lack of education. There are not many schools across the nation that
have landscape architecture programs, so there are many people in the fielded that are
prepared enough. There needs to be more specific landscape architecture classes and less
general education classes when in college.
5) What internships have you done in preparation for the future?
- I have not done any internships yet. I have been and currently am a research assistant for
the department of landscape architecture. I work with them on projects that relate to river
6) What were your favorite courses in the program that you felt made the biggest impact on
- My favorite class was my studio class second semester of my second year. That class was
taught by Brian Lee and we did a project where we designed a winery, and it was a very
fun and interesting project.

7) Was there any parts to your educational experience that you feel should be improved for
the future?
- The internet connection in the Good Barn is very bad and that is a big issue. Other than
that minor flaw my educational experience with UKLA has been great.
8) Do you recommend studying abroad?


Yes, it is such a great experience. I went on two travel abroad trips, one to Argentina and
one to France. Not only were they fun times but they were very beneficial to learning
about other landscapes and gaining new inspirations.

9) What was your favorite part about the program?
- I loved the trips that we went on. My favorite was when we took a 4 day trip to Ashland.
We went hiking and visited the city. That was one of many trips and fieldtrips that I went
on, all being very beneficial to my learning.
10) Do you have any advice or suggestions for me?
- Keep an open mind in everything you do
- Always put in your full effort
- Don’t be afraid to go to the teachers and advisors for help
- Take all opportunities