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Name: Soto, Nancy


Balancing Skill: LEVEL # __1__ WEEK # __7__ LESSON # __1__
TIME: 30 mins
EQUIPMENT: Ben Bags, cones
1. To be able to preform animal walks
2. To balance body weight in a variety of positions
3. To be able to manage body weight in gymnastics activities
Introductory Activity:
1.8 Land on both feet after taking off on one foot and on both feet.
Fitness Activity:
1.1 Demonstrate an awareness of personal space, general space, and
boundaries while moving in different directions and at high, medium, and low
levels in space.
3.7 Sustain continuous movement for increasing periods of time while
participating in moderate to vigorous physical activity.
Lesson Focus:
1.6 Balance oneself, demonstrating momentary stillness, in symmetrical and
asymmetrical shapes using body parts other than both feet as a base of support.
2.3 Identify the base of support of balanced objects.
4.1 Identify enjoyable and challenging physical activities that one can do for
increasing periods of time without stopping.
5.1 Participate willingly in new physical activities.
Standing with arms starched up over their heads,
students begin to countdown from 10-0 as they so
with each count they lower themselves to the floor

Movement and Numbers

Teaching Hints
Different names for the jumps
Different locomotors movements
Various animal walks

Name: Soto, Nancy

in a crouching position. On the word Frogies:
they jump upward and hop on there feet standing
up for 3 hops.

PART 2: FITNESS DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY (8-12 mins): Animal movements and fitness
Teaching Hints
Alternating segments of about 30 seconds in
A variation is to place animal movement signs
length for duration of exercise and 10 seconds to
throughout the area instructing students to move
call out exercise. Students are allowed to move
from one sign to the next sign performing the
around when they are doing the animal walk in
appropriate animal movement each time they
the coned area.
reach a new sign.
1. Elephant walk
2. Bear walk
3. Rabbit hop
4. Worm walk
5. Crab walk
6. Penguin walk
7. Frog hop
8. Cat walk
9. Bird walk
10. Cat walk
PART 3: LESSON FOCUS (15-20 mins):
Animal Walk
-Kangaroo Jump
Carry the arms close to the chest with the
palms facing forward. Place a beanbag or ball
between the knees. Move different directions by
taking small jumps without dropping the object.
-Puppy Dog Run
Place the hands on the floor, bending the arms
and the legs slightly. Walk and run around like
happy puppies looking strength ahead. Keeping
the head up to strengthen the neck muscles. Go
sideward, backwards, and so on.
Balances stunt
-One Leg Balance
Lift one leg from the floor and hold it behind
you with one hard. Then switch the leg and hand.

Teaching Hints
Five groups of activates in this lesson ensure that
students receive a variety of experiences. Pick a
few activities form each group and teach them
alternately. For example teach 1-2 animal
movements, them a balancing stunt. Give equal
time to each group of activities.
Puppy Dog Run
They can walk to another beanbag that is
placed on the floor. Different animal name.

Stunts are enjoyable challenges that all children

can do. Place emphasis on form and balance.

Name: Soto, Nancy

-Beanbag Balance
Using the beanbags have the students hold and
balance the beanbag in different parts of their
1. On top of head 2. On elbow
3.On back 4. On keen 5. On feet
Beanbag Partners
Have the students partner up with a partner
using toe to toe. Have one student be the holder
and the other one the balance. The holder can
place the beanbag on the balancer and the other
student must try to keep it from falling.
PART 4: GAME ACTIVITY (5 mins): Statues