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Asmas PDP Goal 2

PDP Goal 2
Using clear instruction to improve communication between teacher
and students.
1. I would like to improve students learning skills through increase
their participation and motivate them to communicate with their
teacher during the classroom
2. To let them feel more confident in dealing with the teacher and
develop their learning skills as well, through following inquirybased learning form in my lesson plan, which is lead students to
think, understand, plan, discoveries, research and explore the
world around them without any prevented.
3. To create suitable activities, which related to what students likes
and needs in the lesson (Kyriacou, 2007)
4. To give students a chance to discover the content of the lesson
by themselves, to help them remember the lesson later (Berk,
Competency areas
Planning for Learning: planning of create appropriate and
different activities in the lesson plan to let the students
communicate with each other whether in groups or in pairs to
improve students approach in communication.
Implementing and Managing Learning: Uses appropriate body
language, eye contact, gestures and voice to maintain an
effective classroom presence to develop communication skills
between teacher and students.
Implementations Strategies
1. In the first week, I will notice the students communication level.
2. During the second week, I will notice my students
communication level during my explanation.
3. In the third weeks, I will search about activities and strategies
that help me to increase and develop my communication with
my learners in the classroom and to offer clear institution for
them, which help them to follow, understand and remember my
instruction during lesson task.

4. In the fifth week, I will notice students how my students improve

their communication skills and comparing it with the first week of
my teaching.
1. Books:
a. Berk, L. (2009). Child Development. (8th ed.). Boston:
b. Kyriacou, C. (2007). Essential Teaching Skills (3rd ed).
Cheltenham: Nelson Thorns
2. Notices from the discussions with my MST about the students
communication level
3. Feedbacks from my MST or MCT or Peer observation
1. Group members communicate with each other to complete their
task (See figure 2).
This picture is show how my learners were worked together in groups
to complete their task correctly, in
year four semester one.
I motivated my students to work in
groups, because it is an effective
way to help them learn better
through interact with each other,
exchange their ideas, develop their
collaborative skills, and work as a
team work to complete their task

Figure 2: When my learners interact

with their members in their group to
complete lesson task.