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Engineering Trees
Lilyanna M. Rea
Windsor High School, Innovation STEM, Poseidon

Global warming is the process of global temperatures rising due to greenhouse gases in our
atmosphere. The most promising end to global warming is an artificial production of the
photosynthesis process, in other words an artificial tree.

Global warming is the process of global temperatures increasing because of greenhouse
gases that our released into our atmosphere and the only definitive way to take these gases out is
through photosynthesis which can be made artificially. Some people argue its not real and most
of those who admit it is claim that there is little to no solution. To disapprove both of these
statements, global warming is all too real and rapidly increasing. The top 10 hottest years
recorded have been within the past 30 years and we have humans actions to blame for that.
Things such as deforestation and the use of fossil fuels produce chemicals, the main one being
carbon dioxide, that cause tears in our ozone layer that protects us from the sun. With no ozone
in some areas to protect us the suns UV rays hit stronger in those areas causing damage to
marine life, crop growth, and human life. The plus side to this issue is that the earth has a way of
naturally filtering the carbon dioxide out of the air. During photosynthesis a plant converts
carbon dioxide into oxygen. But, plants cant do all the work and one just that alone global
warming is still increasing. But with a way to artificially produce this process plants do naturally
we will be able to help in the process of filtering out carbon dioxide and putting an end to global

When chemicals are released into the air it goes and thins the ozone layer. The main
chemical that depletes our ozone is carbon dioxide, 77% of the chemicals helping thin the ozone
is from the different forms of carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide can be emitted into the
atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and the burning of our waste
among other things(Global Emissions,2015). The rate at which it is being released into the
atmosphere is far greater than the rate at which the ozone layer can repair. This causes thinning
or even holes in the ozone layer meaning the ultra violet rays from the sun have a stronger and
more direct impact in those areas. The UV radiation from the sun may cause skin cancer and
other diseases from mutations in DNA, mutations in crop growth, and mutations in marine
life(Ultraviolet Radiations2008). The only way currently known to filter carbon dioxide out of
or air is through photosynthesis in plant life. During photosynthesis a plant will take carbon
dioxide and water and using sun energy it will convert them into oxygen and glucose(Hampshire
N.,2006). The problem posed is that the rate we emit carbon dioxide is much greater than the rate
it can be converted during photosynthesis and because of deforestation there are less trees and
plants to filter out the carbon dioxide.

Description of Proposed Research

(2015). Global Emissions | Climate Change | US EPA. Retrieved November 19, 2015, from
Carbon dioxide (CO2) emission can be caused by different things such as; deforestation,
fossil fuel use, and others. All together the carbon dioxide being emitted makes up 77% of the
greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere causing global warming. This shows that the main thing to
focus on in creating a solution would be the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.
(2002). Glucose - HyperPhysics. Retrieved November 17, 2015, from
Glucose is one of the most important simple sugars in the body and is used to form
energy. It can be used medically to give patients energy if they do not have the substances needed
to do it themselves. After the solution would be gone through there would be left over glucose
and would need a positive way to distribute it.
(2015). Major Advance in Artificial Photosynthesis Poses Win/Win ... Retrieved November 17,
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Artificial photosynthesis has already been thought of by a team of scientist in Berkeley
but because of complications in solar energy is not yet efficient enough to be used. IT shows that
the theory is possible and worth working on.
(2006)HAMPSHIRE, N. Trees, YOU and CO2 - Plant Talking Points, Science ... Retrieved from
During photosynthesis plants convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen.
This complex process takes 6 particles or carbon dioxide and 6 particles of water with some solar

energy and results in glucose and 6 particles of oxygen. The scientific formula for this process
looks like; 6CO2 + 6H20 + (solar energy) = C6H12O6 + 6O2. This gives the chemical equation
needed to create the process properly.
(2008). Ultraviolet Radiation: How It Affects Life on Earth : Feature ... Retrieved November 10,
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UV rays causes skin cancer and other illnesses as well as creating plant deformation and
harming marine life. This is the reason global warming needs to be fixed becaue it is harming our
planet in more ways than one.

The Proposed Method

The participants of this study will include, the team of Francisco Nunez, Sammie Moore,
Omar Campos, and I. As well as a team of chemists to help create the proper chemical balance
needed for the process and also to take the leftover glucose and turn it into pills for medical uses.
A group of bioengineers would be needed for the construction of the model. We would hopefully
also work with a group of scientists from the Berkeley lab who have been trying to create this as
We would be loosely working off of a proposed model design that the scientist at
berkeley have come up with and progressing the design while collaborating with these scientists.
The model would be a small cubic system with tubes and fibers on the inside to hold the
chemicals needed for the process and the fibers to catch the glucose so that it can be used to
compose something else it can be used for. The model would be complete with a solar panel on
the top as a source of solar energy.
Using the model explained the water and carbon dioxide that was collected would go into
the tubes under the solar panel and using the solar energy could be converted into oxygen that
would be released into the atmosphere. The glucose would drip from the tubes and be caught in
the fibers lying under the tubes. The glucose could then be collected and turned into glucose pills
used in hospitals for people who need the energy.
After the process could be completed there would be less carbon dioxide in the
atmosphere to pollute the air and harm the ozone layer. With less destruction being done to the
ozone it would, in time, be able to repair itself and provide better protection for all the life on
Earth. The rates of skin cancer and other illnesses caused by sun exposure would decrease. There
would be more glucose pills for the hospitals to use on long term or malnourished patients as

well. All of the immediate effects of this solution are positive however some people may mistake
this as a chance to boost the rate of deforestation. Although the device can do what the trees can
do the device would not be able to do it at the rate that plants can. We would still need trees just
as much as before, the device would be giving the much needed boost to the work of the trees
and plants.

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