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(TECH) Year 3,
Semester 1
Teaching Practice 3a Internship 2014

Name of Student: Maryam Saeed

Course: EPC


Name of School: Ibn Dhaher

Mentoring College Teacher: Allan Mutambo
Date and Time: May 13, 2014

Competency A Professionalism and Understanding:

You demonstrated very satisfactory professionalism. You seem to have
established very good rapport with the learners, peers, and MST. It was very
encouraging to see the MST involved in providing scaffolding during the main

Category B Planning for Learning:

A satisfactory lesson plan was provided before the lesson but not as per TP
booklet instructions. You need to express the learning outcomes in
behavioural terms - to state what the learners should be able to do by the
end of the lesson. The accompanying teaching aids were very well done.

Category C Implementing and Managing Learning:

The lesson began very promptly with a quick tool call. Then the learners were
engaged in a treasure hunt game to find card with the key vocabulary to elicit
the lessons topic and objectives. The learners thoroughly enjoyed the game
and found all the color-coded cards with - PPT; TRANSITION; ANIMATION. Then
the students were engaged in a story presenting the need for the skills being
presented. The follow-up Q & A teacher led class discussion was a great idea
- the learners were able to follow along. The quick review of previously
covered information worked very well. The there was a teacher exposition of
the lesson's 'Big Ideas' using PPT. The animated video playback to
demonstrate the steps to insert transitions and animations into slides on a
PPT slide show was very effective. Most of the students were able to insert an
image of a computer and animate it with a sound on the transition. The
plenary involved a quick review of the main ideas covered - a volunteer
learner provided a very satisfactory quick summary of the main points
covered. Then the homework - Worksheet - 6 p. 23. Then a the honor for the


Semester 1
Teaching Practice 3a Internship 2014
best performer was presented. With time to spare the learner were asked to
make a head start on their homework before the bell.

Category D Monitoring and Assessment of Learning:

You did a great job using Q & A to elicit desired responses from the learners.
You also did very well providing scaffolding to the learners during the main

Category E Reflection:
Your self-evaluation of the lesson was very satisfactory.

Strengths of the Lesson:

The main strengths of this lesson were: Exemplary Rapport with the learners,
learner engagement, use of Q & A., excellent classroom management, and
very smooth transitions.
Areas for Development:
Continue working on ensuring that you give a solid model of efficient use of
the technology. Ensure that all the equipment in the class is checked before
the lesson to ensure that the software to be used is uniform on all the
Focus for next lesson:
Please ensure that you provide opportunities for more practice using the
target skill.

Signed: _______________________________

MCT: Allan Mutambo

Date: May 13, 2014