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Task 6

Fatima Ahmed Alshehhi


Day 6 Tuesday, November 3rd 2015

Classroom Climate
Classroom culture and context
Observe the classroom climate and answer the questions below.
1. Is the classroom climate purposeful and task orientated? Give an example.
Yes, the tasks were matching the climate, to not make the children confused and messed up. For
example the teacher read s tory for them, that include new words matched with the unite topic.
2. Is the classroom climate relaxed, warm and supportive? Give an example.
It depends on the teacher, the teacher was promoting her students, calm and supportive, that
behave made the children love and respect her.
3. Does the classroom climate have a sense of order? Give an example.
The lesson was organized well, for example the teacher stared with a story, then she begin the
main lesson, after that she give them different activates, the story is a good introduction for a
lesson, because it helps the teacher to control the class and make them quite.
4. How did the teacher build on intrinsic motivation?
She support them in meal time, for example telling them eat to grow/ She support them to set
properly, for example ask them after greeting how do we sit? we sit like adults to make them
organized and listen to what she says.
5. How did the teacher build on extrinsic motivation?
If you motivate you will get a sticker/ If you behave you will get a candy.
6. What sort of relationship did the teacher have with the students? For example, was there
mutual respect and rapport, did the teacher act as a good example, did s/he use humor?
Yes, because the teacher respect and listen to what the children says, and they respect her by
listening to her instructions.
7. Describe the classroom appearance in terms of the layout. What did you like not like about
it and why? What would you change or not change and why?
I didnt like the floor; I would like to change it by changing the floor type instead of ceramic, its
better to be a carpet that will cover the whole floor. Because it looks old, un safe for the children
and not colorful. I would like to change the restaurant because its not comfortable for the kids, its
so small, so making it bigger is better.


Observe and record strategies used by the teacher to motivate the students positively to
Strategies used by teacher

Reward system

What children did

They were motivated, all of
them raise their hands to
answer, the quite was one of
the rules to answer and get an
award, so they were all quite.

How useful it was

The class is organized and full
of discipline.
The children are motivated
and quite.

1. Did the teacher use praise? Which students did she praise and why?
Yes, she praises the quite, respectful and motivated student. For example she was asking a
questions and no one motivate except one child, she praise him, so the other students feel like they
want to be active, to get a praise.

2. Which of these strategies would you use/not use? Why?

I will use the reward system, because it gives me the rower of how to control the class and make
the children more active and cooperative.
I will not use the

3. Was there anything that could have been done differently?

Yes, the classroom layout, the carpet could be more colorful and comfortable for the children,
because the carpet has just one color and it looks like a hospital colors (green), they could also get
a better dining room, I dont like the dining room at all, it is so small and not organized well.