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KIN 447 D.

Names: Adriana Covarrubias, Maggie Duran, Griselda Alvarado, Natalia Balestra
GRADE LEVEL & NUMBER OF STUDENTS: Second Grade, 31 Students
TIME: 25-30 mins
EQUIPMENT: 7 hula hoops, 31 markers, audio cd, cd player
1. The student will create a simple sequence of movement with a beginning, a middle, and an end, incorporating
level and directional changes.
1. The student will imitate the movements shown during the lesson focus as directed by the instructor(s).
1. The student will work cooperatively in small and large groups.
CALIFORNIA K-5 DANCE and/or PE STANDARDS (identify whether Dance or PE, you can use both):
Introductory/Warm-up Activity:
P.E. STANDARD 1.1 - Move to open spaces within boundaries while traveling at increasing rates of speed.
Lesson Focus:
Dance 2.3 Create a simple sequence of movement with a beginning, a middle, and an end incorporating level
and directional changes.
2.7 Work cooperatively in small and large groups.
Closing/Cool Down Activity:
Dance 2.4 Create shapes and movement, using fast and slow tempos.
2.5 Develop a dance phrase that has a sense of unity.


Teaching Hints
Instruct students to get toe to toe with 3 other
*Call attention of students who dont find a group
students. One students from the group of 4 will
of 4
get a hula hoop that is placed around the
perimeter. Instruct students to place the hoops
*You can move freely around the hoops without
apart from one another allowing for ample space
stepping inside the hoop until music stops.
around them.
* There can be more than one person in the hoop.
Have students walk, run, skip, and/or dance while
music is playing.
*Everyone must be inside the hoop, if not the

KIN 447 D. Martin

entire body, then at least a foot, a hand, a finger
When music stops, everyone has to stand inside of
a hoop.
When the music starts back, remove one hoop.
Eventually, everyone will try to squeeze to put a
body part in the hoop.

PART 3: LESSON FOCUS (15-20 mins): Green Grass Grows All Around
Teaching Hints
1) Children will begin in starting position.
(Markers on the floor in window formation)
2) Children will be instructed on hand and feet
position for each step in the song, Green grass
Explain all the moves first, they do one run thru
grows all around
3) Root move right leg out, foot pointed up.
Ensure all students that movements dont have to
4) Hole knees bent, both fingers pointing down be perfect! Movements can be modified.
5) Green grass grows all around 1 right full
turn, 1 left full turn
6) Tree both arms bent at the elbow, palms
facing up
7) Branch left hand on hip, right arm stretched
up and palm up
8) Twig left hand on hip, right arm stretched up,
hand in a fist and pinky finger pointed.
9) Nest both hands in cradled position
10) Egg both hands forming an O and raised
11) Bird both hands flapping like a bird
12) Wing left arm besides body and right hand
keeps flapping like a bird
13) Feather right arm directly stretched out and
the left arm waving underneath right arm.
14) The students will then be instructed as a class
to perform all steps along with the song.
Teaching Hints
Pretend to be a growing tree while performing
Turn on relaxing music
movements that stretch different parts of the body. Describe a peaceful setting of an open field.
1. Instruct children to crotch down as they
pretend to be seeds.
2. Say: The seed begins to grow and grow. Continue to describe sun, soil, and water

KIN 447 D. Martin

Slowly begin to stand up and stretch arms
to the sky.
3. Say: Then a branch begins to grow and
flow down from one side, then the other,
then again, and again. Make large half
circles by waving one arm at a time and
slightly bending upper body to
corresponding side.
4. With both arms in the air say: The wind
begins to blow and sway the trees
branches everywhere then from side to
side. Stretch both arms in the air and
bend at the waist slowly from one side to
the other.
5. As the wind continues to blow, the tree
must root deeper and stronger into the
ground. Bend one leg back while holding
at the toes.
6. You must cross your branches to make
them stronger. Stretch arm out and
across chest using opposite hand to hold at
above the elbow then exchange arms.
7. The wind stops and the tree relaxed
again. Bend at the waist and dangle arms
over feet.
Slowly stand up and take a deep breath to

necessary for plant growth.

Make sure to instruct children to do this

movement slowly to prevent injury.

Repeat stretch movements more than once.

Add a wavy movement to make it fun.

Remind children to keep knees together to avoid


Mention that its ok if they cant touch feet.

Modifications for students with disabilities (2):

1. The movements can be performed sitting down if need be and simply with arm movements.
2. The movements can be performed at different levels (i.e. tempo, big/small) if the students mobility is