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B.Ed. Teaching Practice Lesson Plan

28th of May2014 on Monday
teac Asma Yousef
From 8:00am to 8:45am
Al Guob School
Ms. Sumayya
Grade 6

Social Network Lesson 1 in
No of
Information security unit
Context of the lesson
This lesson is about social network, I will cover lesson three in information security unit,
which covered the meaning of social network, social network types, the famous social
network, and how can students use social network in safety way.
Learning objectives
Using appropriate language, strong body language and clear instructions.
Improve students ICT skills on using padlet website
Encourage students to interact with the teacher during her explanation
Attract students attention by let them acquire new information and understand the
lesson in easy way.
Learning outcomes
At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
1. What is the social network?
2. What is the type of social network?
3. Why its called social network?
4. How can students use social network in safety way?
Assumptions about prior learning
Students know how to open their own computer
Students know what is social network mean
Students have background about how use internet site and log in to any websites
because they are study it before.
Some students are familiar with social network
Anticipated problems and possible solutions
Maybe I will face some problem with internet: I will explain the lesson for each group
through using my PowerPoint only.
Maybe students will have some difficulty with typing, so I will move around classroom
and help them.
Personal focus for this lesson
In this lesson I will be focus on:
Monitor children more closely
Explain the new vocabulary in easy way, with real example.
Pronunciation, tone
Give the students positive reinforcements
Eyes contact
Target language
Teacher language
Lets play missing word game though
Social network
using Storyline program
You must move around the classroom
Information Security
The group winner will have some group
log in to your own computer


Main tasks or activities (list the tasks in

Warming up: discover the topic of the
Move around the classroom to find
lesson objective
Matching social network sentence
depend on hint sentence
Consider these grouping strategies:
Individual: lesson objective, the
definition of social network
Pairs: types of social network
Groups: play missing word activity,
visit padlet site and present the
information about one social


Resources and teaching aids (list the aids

eg. realia, poster, WB, flashcards etc)
Students Computer & Teacher computer
Lesson objective card
Data show & PowerPoint slides
Whitebeard markers
Consider where the children are working:
Students will work on their desk.

Lesson Procedure
Time & stage


Teacher activity
(T will )
Teacher will take the attendance, ask students
about the students about day, date and present
what she looking for during the lesson:
What is the day today?
Yesterday was 11th of May 2014, what is the
date today?
What I looking for during the class today?

6 minutes

10 minutes



Teacher will present her classroom rules.

Teacher will engage students to the lesson by
using storyline program to let them play missing
word activity:
Teacher will divide students into groups
Teacher will give each group a change to work
individually but she will give them a pint as a
Teacher will give a group point for the group
who all their members discover the lesson topic.
Teacher will motivate students to know more
about lesson objective by playing matching their
own sticker color with one lesson objective :
Teacher will distribute the lesson objective cards
around the classroom and let the students find
the paper that related to their sticker color.
Teacher will ask students to use their computer
and visit padlet site:
Teacher will show all students how to visit this
site: step by step, and then let
them to apply it.
Teacher will ask students to build their own idea
social network and write what they already


Student activity
(eg. In groups ss will )
The whole class will listen to the teacher
instructions and interact to answer her
questions about day, date and while she
take the attendance
Students will interactive with teacher to
use storyline program, play missing word
activity and be a winner group in this step
This stage will help students to be ready
for the lesson and engage them to know
what they will study in the ICT class today.

Students will discover what color that they

have under their name card, and then start
moving around the classroom to find paper
that has same their sticker color.
Students will work in group and use one
computer only to open the padlet site.
They will start write their opinion about the

social network.
This stage will help students to build their
brainstorm, and help teacher to know who
have a background about social network
and who is didnt hear this word before.

know about it.

S- T
15 minutes



S- T

Teacher will start her explanation by:

Play sending a letter from the teacher to the
first student in a line, the students will pass this
letter quickly until the last students in the line
receive the letter and get 4 point group.
Teacher will let the student who have a letter, to
read their letter context to the whole class
Teacher will explain to the students why its
called social network
Teacher will let the students work individually to
go back to the storyline program to know the
definition of social network through play
ordering activity:
The students will drag the sentences on the line
rely on the sentence color and drop on the
Teacher will motivate students to work in pairs
to explore the types of social network through
using storyline program:
The students will match the correct icons with
correct word, depend on the hint sentence
under each questions
Teacher will divide students into groups and let
them present the information about one social
network that they have:
Click on their social network tab, read the
information and present it in any way that they
prefer it.

Students will focus to the teacher

guidelines to know exactly what should
they will do in sending letter activity
Students will be attention with teacher to
understand the new information in the
This step will support the students to know
more about the social network.

Students will interactive to match social

network icons in correct place
Students will read the information about
their social network tab and think about
how they will present this information to
the whole class.
This step will help teacher to evaluate her
students, know if they are understand the
lesson or not. Additionally, it will help
students to practice what they are learning
in the lesson.

Teacher will give the students some advices to

know the correct way of using any types of
social network.

6 minutes

S- T

Teacher will reflect with students what they do

in the class by asking them general questions
about social network:
What is the social network?
What is the type of social network?
Why its called social network?
How can students use social network in safety

Students will answer teacher questions and

interact with her.
This step will help teacher to reflect
students knowledge and what they learn
during the lesson, and make sure that all
students understand the lesson at the
same time.