Cast needed 1 All

Location Court road

Louise and Keegan


2 All

Emmalines House

3 Louise and Matt


Description female character walking down straight road, seen from different perspectives, adds to the sense of being followed seen from behind, around a tree, in the distance, foot level, etc. Close up of feet, tilted dutch angle, walking across camera view point. Different figure features throughout, to show more than one stalker. Female character walking alone through wooded area, jolty camera, to show movement of person watching her, seen through tree branches and bushes, duck suddenly - camera looking at ground, medium shot of girl crouched down, picking up keys looking around. female character walking up the stairs, see all three figures out the window, standing heads down. Midshot of in a bedroom, girl opening the door, walking to bed to put coat/bag down, the door shut by stalker standing behind it, change shot angle to see stalker coming towards her, grabbing by the hair, girl screams. Voice over for credits, girl crying and begging. Wide shot of Louise walking towards camera, editted to show a quick shot of Matt stood against garages. Over shoulder shot of Louise walking same direction but from different angle, Matt looks up as she passes by. Panning on Louise walking past row of garages, a figure inbetween two of them, hidden from her view Jolty shot, camera following Louise from behind as she walks, hanging back as she slows down, hiding behind things when she looks over her shoulder.

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