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Renae Blocher

EDCI 270
23 September 2015

E-Board Write-Up
After working with the E-Board or dual board as it was often referred to in the
given sheet I am amazed at all of the capabilities that can be performed with the right ideas and
skills within this program. Individually and as a group we were able to draw shapes with our
fingers and then interactive pen along with type on a keyboard, and even measure angles or
lengths of objects all of which was then projected onto the big screen for a class to see. As I
pursue a career in agriculture education I am excited about the new technologies available for
use in the everyday classrooms. This tool would be very helpful in showing the students not
only a spreadsheet but it also allows them to be able to interact with the lesson plans and is less
of a mess than white dry erase boards. Also another pro of using the E-Boards is the idea that the
pages can be saved and later sent to the students or fellow teachers which then allows for the
students to have more hands on time in the classroom rather than spending the majority of their
time taking notes.
With the interactive white board in the classrooms it allows the teachers a sort of freedom
to write, draw, or even take notes along the sides of a text. In my classroom I would use this
instrument mostly to display the different types of animals or to even allow the students to write
up feed rations or present a new sort of technology or way of producing more vegetables in their
garden. The possibilities are essentially endless when it comes to the ways and uses of the
interactive E-Board in the classroom. EDCI