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Learning the Common Beef

Cattle Breeds

Given the background information, the students
will be able to identify common beef breeds.
Given the quiz about the breed, students will
able to choose right answers with 100 %

Information about the Lesson

In order for this assignment to work smoothly and
properly there needs to be a computer with a projector
screen. An interactive screen would be ideal.

Target Audience:
Middle or High School age students
Enrolled in an Animal Science course
20-25 students who work in pairs would be most ideal

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Beef Breeds Flash Cards

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Beef Breeds Quiz

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Breed: Angus
Originated in

Northeast Scotland
Breed Characteristics
Most popular breed

to due its vigorous

Polled (no horns)
Solid black or red in
Known for high
marbling content

Breed: Charolais
Originated in

Charolais, France
Breed Characteristics
White/straw colored

Large breed
Polled or horned
Heavily muscled
Popular in

Breed: Hereford
Originated in

Hereford County
Breed Characteristics
White faces with red

Easily handled
Very docile
Moderate sized

Breed: Brahman
Originated in United

Breed Characteristics
Mainly used in

Light grey or red
Loose skins allows
for high tolerance of
Rapid weight gain

Breed: Limousin
Originated in

Southwest France
Breed characteristics
Red rust or black in

Long and shallow
Known for calving

Breed: Shorthorn
Originated in

Breed Characteristics
Dual purpose breed
Red, white or roan
Docile with good

mothering ability

Breed: Simmental
Originated in West

Breed Characteristics
White face
Rapid growth
Thick muscled

Breed: Chianina
Originated in Italy
Breed Characteristics
Dual purpose breed
Gentle nature
White with black

nose and switch

Breed: Santa Gertrudis

Originated on King

ranch in Texas
Breed Characteristics
Cross of Shorthorn

and Brahman
Deep red to black
Good mothering

Breed: Texas Longhorn

Originated in Texas
Breed Characteristics
Very lean
Many different colors

and sizes
Adapted to very
harsh climates

List of reliable online links

Oklahoma State: Cattle Breeds

The Cattle Site

The Cow Wall

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