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Krakauer, Jon. Into the Wild. New York: Anchor, 1997. Print.

Jon Krakauer is a mountaineer and an author who is known for writing several books
about his and other peoples adventures. He is known as a mountaineer for being in the
horrible 1996 Everest expedition and climbing a new route on the Devils Thumb.
This is a Primary Source: The book attempts to see the why and how of Chriss journey
and share what he had experienced and learned with the world.This book follows the
journey of Chris McCandless, a graduate of college who left everything behind to go on
an adventure to Alaska. Chris meets several people he finds interesting along the way that
impact the outcome of his adventure. Chriss adventure ended up being fatal with his
epiphany occurring in his final moments. Ultimately Chris had learned that Happiness is
only real when shared.
While this is my primary source the book is written primarily based on conjecture and
estimates coming from only a small amount of real evidence. I will have to look into
more about Chris and what happened before the events of the book if I wish to make
estimates on what his actual goal was.
This book focuses on several issues regarding themes of freedom, finding yourself as an
Individual, and criticism and/or complements regarding the journey Chris partook. I will
use this information to explore the concept of emotional intelligence and how it affects
our daily lives. Journals of Chriss journey as well as interviews with the people he
encountered are possible follow-up sources after all the information is attained from this
one. The ideas written in this book appear to be a mixture of evidence found throughout
following Chriss adventure and conjecture made about the events that took place when
other people werent around. The intended audience would be people asking the same
questions or following the same ideals in the age range of above 16. The text allows me
to better understand Chriss choices throughout his journey and use those for my paper.
Fernndez-Abascal, Enrique, and Maria Dolores Martin-Diaz. "Dimensions of Emotional
Intelligence Related to Physical and Mental Health and to Health Behaviors." Frontiers In
Psychology 6 (2015): 1-14. Academic Search Complete. Web. 28 Oct. 2015.
Enrique Abascal and Maria Martin-Diaz are doctors in Spain who work in a Creativity
Research Journal with connections to the University of Malaga in Spain.
This is a secondary source. This paper is a study to demonstrate the correlation between
Emotional Intelligence and physical and emotional health. They took 886 people and had
them take a test to measure their EI and afterwards take the SF-36 Health Exam as well

as a short questionnaire afterwards regarding mental and physical health. It shows that a
lack of EI can be associated with mental illness but not physical problems.
This source had several editors from the University of Malaga and the two authors are
renown in their respective fields. This source has credibility because it shows the results
from the tests.
This journal focuses on the correlation between EI and physical and mental health. I
would use this information to show that Chris McCandless might have a mental disorder
due to his lack of Emotional Intelligence which. This text is supported through tests with
controls and experiments. This is a very specific article going in depth into the correlation
as to which field of EI people are lacking and the mental health associated with that. The
intended audience is other researchers and people trying to find out more about this topic.
This text greatly improved my knowledge on this particular topic.

Into the Wild. Dir. Sean Penn. Perf. Emile Hirsch. 2007.
Sean Penn was born in Los Angeles, California the son of Leo Penn and Eileen Ryan. He
has won two Acadamy Awards.
This is a movie source. This shows a physical adaptation of Jon Krakauers Into the Wild.
Performed wonderfully by Emile Hirsch it is much easier to visualize Chris making his
This movie is not the best source as it is mainly conjecture as to what Chris did and not
actually what he did.
The movie focuses on the journey of Chris McCandless and his endeavors to find
enlightenment in Alaska. I would use this information to visualize better how Chris made
his decisions along the journey, what were his motives etc.. This movie is mainly
conjecture and opinion as the only evidence presented is from journals kept by Chris and
the word of the people he encountered along the way. This movie is covering a specific
being the journey of Chris McCandless. The intended audience are anyone interested in
this mans life, it was not written to a particular age but simply written to appeal to people
who were interested. This did not help me as much as my other sources but it does help.
Cherry, Kendra. "How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?" Education. The New York
Times Company, n.d. Web. 31 Oct. 2015.

Kendra Cherry has a Master of Science in Education from Boise State University, with a
primary research interest in educational psychology. She is an author and educator with
about a decade of experience and is the author of the Everything Psychology Book.
This is a general internet source. This site explains the basics of Emotional Intelligence in
a simple yet effective way. It shows the four parts of Emotional Intelligence and what
they consist of. It explains the various reasons as to why Emotional Intelligence is
important but I was not too focused on that part.
This article has over 15 sources each from esteemed professors at local Universities as
well as other various journals and articles. I believe this source is trustworthy and non
biased as it is just stating a simple definition.
This authors ideals of Emotional Intelligence pretty much are almost exactly the same as
all other sources Ive gathered. The main focuses of this article are the four topics
regarding Emotional Intelligence, perceiving emotions, reasoning with emotions,
understanding emotions and managing emotions. I would use this information to provide
some background knowledge on Emotional Intelligence so the audience will properly
understand the topics I cover. The authors information is supported with plenty of
sources. It is a generalized view of Emotional Intelligence. The intended audience is the
people who are curious as to what Emotional Intelligence entails.
Matthews, Gerald. "Emotional Intelligence, Information Search and Decision-making under
Stress." Personality & Individual Differences 60 (2014): S222. Print.
Gerald Matthews is a student at the University of Cincinnati studying Psychology.
This is a secondary source. This article explains how Emotional Intelligence can impact
the ability to make decisions under stress. It shows to us the direct correlation between
the amount of stress on a person as well as their ability to deal with emotions can directly
impact decision making and the ability to determine future consequences based on these
This is an accredited article from the University of Cincinnati and as such it is
trustworthy source.
This text focuses on the impact a large amount of stress and/or low EI can impact
decision making in a negative way. I would use this information to gauge the amount of
stress Chris was in as well as his EI level to decide if his decisions were made with a
disadvantage tacked on them. This text is academically supported and shows no sign of

opinion or bias. This is a general article on the impacts of stress and low EI not showing
any numbers but explaining the results of testing. The intended audience is researchers
and scholars alike. The text helped me understand a deeper level of my topic, more
factors are involved then I had previously thought.
Fernandez-Berrocal, Pablo, and Natalio Extremera. "About Emotional Intelligence and Moral
Decisions." Behavioral and Brain Sciences Behav. Brain Sci. 28.04 (2005): 548-49. Academic
Search Complete [EBSCO]. Web. 31 Oct. 2015.
Pablo Fernandez-Berrocal is a professor in the department of Psychology at the
University of Malaga. Natalio Extremera is a professor at the University of Malaga on
Emotion, Positive Psychology, and Organizational Psychology.
This is a secondary source. This journal explains the use of interaction between moral
heuristics and EI. The main topic being how moral decisions or very sensitive to
emotions and may lead to a better understanding of the role of EI in moral choices. They
summarize the evidence bearing on some of the ways in which EI might moderate
framing effects in different moral tasks such as the divorce decision.
This is a very known work in the research world of Emotional Intelligence and is
supported by tests and experiments.
This Journal focuses on the correlation of moral dilemmas and EI. I would use this
information to further prove or disprove that Chris McCandless decisions were
influenced by his high/low emotional intelligence which I will also be looking into. The
text is supported by tests and evidence, with very little opinion involved. This is a very
specific journal covering numerous topics within a broader range. The intended audience
are researchers who plan to further develop these theories or create their own. This text
GREATLY helped me understand my topic.
Poppa, Tasha, and Antoine Bechara. "A Neural Perspective of Immoral Behavior and
Psychopathy." AJOB Neuroscience 6.3 (2015): 15-24. Academic Search Complete. Web. 21 Nov.
2015. <>.
Tasha Poppa is a student of the University of Southern California and her advisor is Dr.
Antoine Bechara both of which study the brain and cognitive sciences.
This is a secondary source that defines primary and secondary psychopathy and explains
the differences between them. It also shows the symptoms and causes of both mental
illnesses in great detail.

As this article is published in an accredited journal and was written with the support of
the University of Southern California in is a trustworthy source.
This Journal focuses on the types of psychopathy and what each entail. I would use this
source to prove or disprove whether or not the mental state of Chris McCandless is
affected by this illness. The text is supported with research and experiments of other well
known researchers with little to no opinion involved. This is a very specific article which
maintains focus only on its subject and nothing else. The intended audience is mainly
researchers and students as it is written very formally with only information about its
topic. This helped me understand my topic in greater detail than before.

Mayer, John. "Who Is Emotionally Intelligent -- And Does It Matter?" Emotional Intelligence
Information. John D. Mayer, 5 Aug. 2004. Web. 21 Nov. 2015.
Dr. John D. Mayer is a psychologist at the University of New Hampshire. He developed
the test to measure a persons level of emotional intelligence as well as co-developed a
popular model concerning emotional intelligence with Dr. Peter Salovey.
This is a general internet source. This site consists of explanations of almost every aspect
of emotional intelligence written by one of the leading psychologists in the field. It shows
everything from the definition to all of the branches and elements of emotional
As this website was created for the sole purpose of spreading the knowledge of emotional
intelligence and was made by the man who developed the MSCEIT it is definitely
This website focuses on emotional intelligence and all of its aspects. I would use this site
as one of the sources to prove and disprove anything regarding emotional intelligence.
The text is supported with all of the authors own research and is specific in that fact that
it only deals with emotional intelligence but also broad because it has everything about
that subject. The intended audience is anyone wishing to learn about any level of
emotional intelligence as parts are written informally and easy to understand while there
are parts that are more complex. This expanded all of my knowledge on my topic and is
one of my most useful sources.