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Ficha de Trabalho de Ingls 5 Ano

Name ___________________________________________________
1. Write the numbers in full:


2. Write the colours:

3. Greetings! What do you say?

Good morning

Good afternoon

Good evening

Good night

4. Complete the dialogue, using the expressions in the box:

Jane: Hello! _____________________?
Peter: Im fine, thank you. ____________________?
Jane: My name is Jane. And you?
Peter: ______________________.
Jane: ______________________?
Peter: Im ten, too. Good bye!

Good bye!
How are you?
My name is Peter.
Whats your name?
How old are you?

Jane: _______________!
5. Make the questions:
a) _____________________________________________________?
My name is Sarah.
b) _____________________________________________________?
My surname is Wilson.
c) _____________________________________________________?
Im eleven years old.
d) _____________________________________________________?
Im fine, thank you.

6. Search the colours:

7. Find the numbers:

8. Guess the numbers:

9. Complete the numbers:

10. Colour the hearts: