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Aisha Ali Alowais

Section 12B10ED01
EPU 1403
Practicum 1a
Ms. Muna Al Suwaidi
Observation task 8 Students Behavior
Tuesday, November 17th 2015

Day 8 Tuesday, November 17th 2015

Students Behavior
Focus on one student who displays negative behavior and fill in the table below.
What the student did

What the teacher did

Possible reasons for the

students behavior

The student put his legs on the

table during lunch time.

The teacher started with a

warning and reminder of the
class rule that was Be
respectful, then she threatened
to exclude him from center
time, and finally she pretended
that she was upset with him
which she told me is a
technique she uses that makes
them feel guilty and realize that
what they have done is wrong.
Personally I feel that this is a
wonderful technique because
students will keep thinking
about what they have done
throughout the day and what
they should do to get the
teachers love back, and in the
future whenever they would
want to repeat this action they
will remember its

I think that the reason for

this students behavior is
Boredom. The student is
looking for something to be
motivated by, he has lost
interest after finishing his
meal and doesnt know how
to express his boredom so he
causes a few activities that
are not respectful.

The student ran out of the line

the class formed to the
playground before the teacher
allowed him/her to.

The teacher took him back to

the classroom and left all the
other students to enjoy
themselves in the playground
while she sat with the student
and asked him if he thinks that
what he has done is right or
wrong, and why he thinks that.
Then she asked him to

I feel that the reason for this

students behavior is that this
student is energetic and
control seeking. The student
is too excited to go out to the
playground and cant contain
himself so he ran out of the
class line. He was trying to
repress himself, he needs to

apologize and never repeat this

action again, then she lets him
go out to the playground with
his classmates. In my opinion
this will teach the student that
even if you want to enjoy
yourself you have to follow the
rules while youre doing it.

be more expressive in a
positive way. He is also
doing this to get the students
and teachers attention, in a
way he wants them to follow
him. He seeks responsibility
and being able to
control/influence those
around him.

The student hit another student The teacher first asked both
during center time, then blamed students what happened and
him for it.
listened to each of their point
of view. Then she asked the
rest of the students if any of
them have witnessed this
incident, and finally she found
out what happened and asked
the student to apologize and
then excluded him from center
time for five to ten minutes. I
feel that this will teach the
student to never repeat this
action because there are
unfortunate outcomes. In my
personal opinion I feel like this
may be the best way to deal
with this situation it shows how
unbiased the teacher is and
proves how professional she is.

In my opinion I think that

this student is angry and
frustrated. He wants to let
out all his frustration and
ended up hitting his friend
and fellow classmate, and
then panicked and blamed
him for it. He feels unsafe,
unsettled, and displeased
with his surroundings, and
this is a problem to not only
the student and the teacher
but also the classmates. He
needs to find a way to let out
all his frustration in a
positive way, like through
art, sports, and other
activities that will affect his
life and make him a happier
and more comfortable