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Why do you think we are able to predict weather better than other things like
economics, politics, or sports?
We can predict weather because of data that has been recorded from the
past. This data from past events can help meteorologists predict the weather
in certain climates. For every year that pasts the more data that is collected
and the more accurate the weather predictions become.
2. We are now in an era of "big data." What does this mean and how does it help
us forecast the weather?
This means that we can look up and graph different types of climates to look for
trends in weather patterns. Data helps meteorologist predict when storms arrive
during different parts of the year. This data can even predict what part of the day
this weather may occur.
3. How has weather prediction changed from the 19th to the 20th to the 21st
The 19th century they started to collect and record weather data to see what the
weather patterns are like during that particular year. In the 20 th century a few
inventions were created to help measure and record different types of weather
patterns. During the 21st century the use of satellites and high definition
cameras are use from space to see when storms are formed and see the path
they take during a storm.
4. Why is the predictability of weather limited? (It is impossible to ever be able
to perfectly predict the weather.)
We have only so many tools to measure the weather when it is happening but
we dont have any tools to tell us when a large weather event is going to
happen. We can only predict the path of storms and see the intensity of what
they are doing in the now not the future.

5. What are some of the challenges of dispensing weather forecasts to the

general public?
That people will plan events during predicted good weather and a storm
forms and ruins their plans. Also some people like farmers like to be told
when and where storms and moisture may happen so they know when to
plant and harvest crops. Also people like a 100% accuracy when they are told
certain things so they will know the future.
6. Which method do you think results in the most accurate forecast and WHY?
The trends method because we already know what has happened in the past
and we can go off of what has happened in the past to predict tomorrow.
7. Do you think it is harder to forecast the weather in Utah than it is in southern
California? Why or why not?
No, easier because most of Utah is surrounded by mountains. These
mountains help block many disturbances heading our way. Utah has pretty
mild weather patterns.
8. Describe two (2) reasons you think that it is hard to use a model like the NAM
if you do not have extensive training in meteorology.
Because of all the different types of symbols and colors used may confuse
people what they are looking at. Also there are 4 different types of weather
maps that measure different things and they are easily confused.