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Letv Dear Legidative Members, ‘There has been much intrest and speculation surrounding the question "Who i backing Faraday Future?” Due to the nature of competitive business strategies and trade secrets, we Inally weren't planning toshare the details of my investment at this early stage. FIs US based, global company focused on creating the next generation of seamlessly connected, intelgent elec vehicles and mobility solutions, {1am not the only founder a F. Together with top global experts, we have created a partnership structure for desion making and management of F. We ae bringing together sources from the following four domains ‘Automative Technology Internet and the cloud Entertaiement content \Wiile am personally backing FF, there is aoa diverse funding strategy to help us fully ealize ‘ur mision and vision, We plan to revolutionize the automobile industry by creating an Integrated, inteigont mobity system that protects the earth and improve the living environment of mankind, that everyone can breathe clean air and enjoy a seamlessly connected ifesye Fr has headquarters in Silicon Valley for technology and Los Angeles for vehicle R&D. The company als has offices in Desseldor (Germany) and Bejing. We are an international team ‘ith employees from more than 40 diferent countries, which gives us truly word view on obit. ‘We hope to bring ou bllon investment to North Las Vegas and open our frst ‘manufacturing fcity there, creating 4,500 jobs forthe State of Nevada Sincerely, vecrgnn GPO Founder and CEO, Letv