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Renae Blocher

EDCI 270
9 December 2015
Project Narrative
For the Individualized Instruction assignment I once again went along with my
course theme of production agriculture animals. For the assignment I created a selfguided PowerPoint presentation complete with hyperlinks, sounds and embedded
videos-both YouTube and my own original recording. I chose to create my lesson to
inform the students of the many different breeds with the swine, sheep and beef
cattle species. I created a small flashcard section where I showed a picture of each
breed along with the origination and a few breed characteristics. At the end of the
flashcard section I then have a short quiz for the students to take. With the
provided information I expect the students to receive 100% on the quizzes at the
end of each species section.
The planning cards were very helpful in that they forced me to talk to my TA
but I do not think it was excessively helpful with the end project. Because of this
project I have learned to plan ahead of time and make sure that I have all of the
materials that I need to complete the required materials. I appreciated the TA
review but I do think the peer review would have been more helpful had the
technology actually worked in the classroom. The technology malfunction created
some issues and prevented several of us from actually completing the assigned
peer review during the allotted time. The TA review was definitely helpful with the
final product. My TA helped me work out some of the kinks and work over some of
the parts that I did not fully understand. The peer review though sort of seemed
like a waste of time due to its irrelevance and the fact that many of us werent even

close to done with our final project. I used ISTE #2 Designing and Developing
Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments along with #3 Modeling Digital
Age Work and Learning.