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Learning Objective # 4 Development as a Public Speaker

Over the course of these last four years, intensive course loads, assignments, internships,
and work outside of the classroom has helped shape my public speaking skills in the
communication field. As a freshman in college, my first campus job was in the Admissions
office. As an Admissions Ambassador, we had many responsibilities in proudly representing
Carroll; one of the biggest responsibilities was to take the tour guide role of the campus. Carroll
hosts a couple of big campus days during the year, and huge crowds of people from surrounding
areas and across the U.S. tag in on these college visits. Before going on a tour, the newbies
(including myself) were given a couple of weeks of orientation to prepare as a tour guide. Prior
to training we were given a handbook about Carroll with interesting FAQs. During the last day
of orientation I had to take two exams, an oral and a written to earn my title as an Admissions
Ambassador. In the oral examination we had to take a faculty member on tour and then he/she
would grade us at the end (grading was based: Sound level, ability to remember facts, proper
timing, and confidence level). Im happy to say that I passed the exams and served as a Carroll
Admissions Ambassador for two years.
As a communication major we are all required to take the general education and
introductory courses, starting with COM 101. In COM 101 we were introduced to the different
means and media outlets of communication. I really enjoyed this course because it was very
hands-on with the course work, and forces each student out of their comfort zone. Each student
was required to give two speeches throughout the course of the semester, and at the end do a oneon-one mock interview with Dr. Margaret Murphy. My first speech was horrible, my second
wasnt too bad, but my mock interview was probably the worst assignment I was graded on. I
arrived five minutes late to my mock interview, I was very nervous during the interview, (hands

non-stop sweating) and I kept moving my foot around fidgeting. This mock interview was sure a
learning experience I would never forget.
I received two Communication internships during my time at Carroll. My first internship
was at ESPN Radio (Milwaukee) Good Karma Broadcasting, and my second internship was at
Milwaukee Public Television. I had an interview at ESPN for the Fall semester of 2013. I made
sure to be well dressed, I arrived ten minutes before my interview time, and I had a smooth
interview. I wasnt intimidated nor nervous during my interview. My bad grade from COM 101
motivated me to better myself as a public speaker, it served as a wake-up call for myself. Two
weeks after my interview I received an e-mail offering me an intern position for Fall 2013.
While in the internship, I assisted with community engagement and public relations events. I can
be a shy person, (naturally) but I naturally had to get out of my shy comfort zone. I really
enjoyed exploring this new side of me and interacting with various groups of people without a
care in the world.
I had my first phone interview for Milwaukee Public Television in the spring of 2015.
Most people find phone interviews very intimidating; personally, I do not. I was interviewed by
Julie Hill Lehr, (my Internship site supervisor), I did not receive an e-mail or phone call and was
a bit disappointed. I wanted the internship very badly and felt I had the right to know, so I called
her office. Julie had been very swamped with work material that she had not yet received
approval from the president of the television network. The following day she called me back and
welcomed me on board the MPTV band wagon. During my time at MPTV I went to various film
screenings, participated in drives, the Sports Show, and the Great TV Auction amongst other
events that required me to speak in public of course. I enjoyed every moment of Milwaukee

Public Television and miss the people I worked with their dearly. My time at Milwaukee Public
Television boosted my confidence level in such an amazing way.
In COM 499, (my Senior Capstone) we were required to write a resume/cover letter, find
a future job-description, and participate in a graded mock interview (COM 101 all over again).
Dr. Imes assigned each student to a Carroll alum whom would interview us for our job. I made
sure to over-formally dress, arrive 10 minutes before my interview, and I brought a portfolio of
some of my work (that I did not really use during my interview). I was able to project my vice in
a calm confident way. The questions asked by the alum were right on the spot, and most of the
questions required me to give examples, or respond to a what if situation. In all sincerity, that
was one of the hardest interviews Ive ever had thus far. The feedback I got from the alum was
really good. According to her I nailed each question and gave excellent examples. Going in I
was intimidated; as the fears from COM101 struck my mind again but after about five minutes
(no stuttering or fidgeting whatsoever) it was a nice smooth transition from one question to the
Carrolls communication requirements expect a lot. I know that these assignments,
internships, mock interviews, and long research papers will prepare and benefit me as a
communication professional in the making. It has been a long road for me in the communication
department; but looking back its given me life experiences. Carroll expects a lot from its
students because it understands that each student has the potential to rise higher. This university
has truly made me develop and appreciate my public speaking skills as well as my professional
life. *Ive attached some spots that I wrote for ESPN Radio, as well as scripts from Milwaukee
Public Televisions Readers Contest. Unfortunately, I did not get to use my voice to record