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Michael Foster

Uwrt 1102
Course Reflection Essay

Course Reflection Essay

Throughout this semester I have been faced with a variety of challenges. More
specifically dealing with my writing abilities. Prior to this class I felt that I was not a strong
writer and somewhat despised the idea of writing. However, I slowly began to enjoy writing and
by enjoying it I was also able to improve my writing skills. As I look through all the in-class
writings, blog posts, and journal entries I can see how my writing has changed. My portfolio
shows some of my work done throughout this course. I chose a select few of my favorites that
show how much of a critical thinker I can be and shows my development as a student and a
Ironically I happen to enjoy writing reflective essays and papers more than others. What I
get from the term reflective writing, is when you self-evaluate yourself and point out any
differences you notice. These changes can be either good or bad but still are an important part
when writing a reflective essay. I would say that reflective writing is one of the more important
forms of writing because you can continuously see any developments that may occur over a
period of time. Not only is it important in general but even more so when it comes to a writing
intensive course. The reason for that is because we take these classes to better our writing skills
and how else would we be able to see that difference without a few reflection essays. Although
we did not have many, our midterm reflection paper had given me a little more insight to who I

Michael Foster
Uwrt 1102
Course Reflection Essay

was as a writer. Another example of a reflective type essay was our five minute meditation
journal. I would have to agree that that journal was one of my better ones because of how I

enjoyed reflection essays. Even as I write this reflection essay, I notice the difference in how
thoughts seem to flow better than how my last year ones were.
When I think of the term inquiry I assume it means researching something you find
interest in. While I think the terms inquiry and research are similar, the first one is more in
depth findings. I enjoyed writing our inquiry because it was an open topic which allowed me to
write something interesting. For our extended inquiry project, I found it to be a little less
challenging than I had anticipated. Each portion of the project flowed together pretty well and I
didnt seem to struggle much with it. At first I seemed to misunderstand what a proposal was and
wrote my essay instead. It wasnt until recently when I actually completed the proposal so I had
not been able to revise it as much.
Out of the three forms of writing we continuously worked on, I would agree that the blog
posts were my favorite. The reason being that with this form I was always able to see how others
may have interpreted the same topic. This allowed me to better understand the topic and improve
my writing my seeing the works of others. In this class I did not seem to encounter any problems
other than time management, however with my newly founded interest in writing I was able to
overcome that issue. I have several works this semester I would consider my best, but I would

Michael Foster
Uwrt 1102
Course Reflection Essay

have to say between one of the two reflection essays I wrote this semester. The reason I chose a
reflection essay as my best work because I can see where I made beneficial developments as a
writer and critical thinker.
While this is only my second portfolio created I am beyond proud of the work I have
accomplished. While some of my work could be polished up to be perfect I believe that this
portfolio deserves a high B or a potential A for the effort you can see put forth.