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AL Saab 1

Hassan Al Saab
Mrs: Tammy Davis
Composition II
22 September2015
Poor People in Saudi Arabia
Poor people are everywhere. They are not just in Saudi Arabia, but some people think that
Saudi Arabia does not have impoverished people because it has much oil. This is the truth that
Saudi Arabia is the highest country with oil, but it has unbelievable number of poor people.
Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries, government, the rich people, and companies are
trying to help all the poor people out in each sides of Saudi Arabia.
First, government is the first place impoverished people would go to get some help because
King Salman commanded to give the help for them as much as he can. Also, he said, they are
part of us, we must take care of them. That makes the responsible people pay more attention
towards poor people. For example, that government builds so many companies that their main
work is to help who needs help. In addition, they give impoverished people certain amount for
the assisting the poor. The Saudi government discloses little official data about its poorest
citizens, but press reports and private estimates suggest that between 2 million and 4 million of
the country`s native Saudis live on less than about 530 dollars line in Saudi Arabia. (Sullivan).
25 Spt 2015.These are some missions of the government of Saudi Arabia. The government of
Saudi Arabia does their job, but some workers in the government do not work as well as they
should. Because there is no control on them. On top of this, some workers do not give the money
for who needs it. They might give it to families who do not need it, especially these to them.

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Secondly, the companies that the government made for helping the poor people have a special
name which is Charities. The goals for these kinds of companies are looking for who needs help,
compiling poor people`s names, and take their information as bank accounts to send them some
money monthly. Some companies do not do their work as well. They like to keep the money for
themselves. That is why Saudi Arabia still has poor people. Accessing this world is a difficult
undertaking for foreign journalists, granted only with the assistance of a few dedicated social
workers who risk government opprobrium to expose the realities of life lived on the margins.
(Baker). This is how poor people treat from this companies. Now, the companies are afraid,
because the government notes that there are still families do not get what they need.
However, rich people are helping the poor people so much. They give a certain percentage of
their income not because they have to, but they give it just to help. First and foremost, the Saudi
state offers free health care and education, but that is not enough for those who cannot find their
food daily, so that is why most of the poor people go to ask for help from rich people. Prince Al
Waleed bin Talal, Saudi Arabia`s richest investor estimates that he has given several billions of
dollars in charity over the past 30 years, much of it wired directly to the accounts of petitioners
who apply to his office for assistance with paying back loans, buying a car or getting married.
(Arny). Most of the wealthy people are not stingy. They are helping the poor people. As it
mentioned, poor people are every where in Saudi Arabia but there are some places,
where there are more in, so who want to help them that will be simple to find. There
are also areas in Mecca where groups of homeless Saudis have created tent cities
overpasses for they have nowhere else to go. Like other places in the world. The
homeless of Saudi Arabia can also be those less fortunate individuals who have
mental illnesses, drug problems or severe handicaps. For whatever reason, a family
network is not in evidence which takes care of these individuals. Among the

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homeless are also some who have been compounded by financial hardships and as
a result. (American Bedu)

All in all, Saudi Arabia should take care more of poor people because they are part of us. If
they do not help them, they steal other people properties, kill people. They do that to survive. I
hope, one day we celebrate with the last poor person or family.

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