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Final Portfolio Essay

My e-portfolio is easily navigated and ordered by relevance. In the design of my

e-portfolio, I included an extensive photo biography was needed to establish ethos and
why I felt the way I felt about the Greek life. I believe it was pivotal in helping the reader
understand how important my background and those with similar backgrounds is
deciding what council of Greek life to join.
I chose my handwritten draft of my traditional research essay as a process work
artifact, labeled PW1, for many reasons. Firstly, it shows how I began all of my writing
pieces. In that draft, I crossed words out, wrote in the margins, and planned how I would
order the first typed draft. Writing a draft by hand allows me to more freely proofread
and alter my thinking as the assignment progressed. Because I was unsure of which
citation I wanted to use but in my written draft I was able to identify which particular
source I was referring to in the margin. The first handwritten draft of any writing
assignment is the roughest draft and the first step in my writing process.
The second process worked artifact, labeled PW2, is the typed version of my
traditional research essay. It is still an early draft but it gave me an opportunity to work
on formatting. This step in the writing process also helped me to determine how to better
establish my thesis. When I attended the conference with Ms. Ingram, I originally had the
statement the most important difference is the new member intake process. This
difference is vital to what makes joining a Black Greek Letter Organization (BGLO)

more beneficial than other organizations. I discovered that the middle of the second
paragraph was not a good place for my thesis statement. I learned to ensure my main
point is at the forefront as well as clearly stated.
I included draft 1 of my exploratory essay as a process work artifact, labeled
PW3, because it was the first assignment that was peer reviewed. It was significant
because it showed how my writing was perceived by other students in the course. It also
allowed me to delve deeper into myself and more creatively looking at what the
assignment is asking. This helped me to work on one of the key concepts. I was most
concerned with stepping out of my comfort zone. In the reviewing of my draft, Davis
Brightmon state that from the way I described my passions, it seemed apropos that
working hard was a passion of mine. I never of looking at a passion like that. He and the
reviewing itself helped me to think outside the box and to look deeper into myself as the
assignment was reflective writing. The assignment itself allowed for me to think inwardly
instead of strictly factually that in itself was out of my comfort zone.
I used the draft to my first blog, labeled PW4, because it shows how basic an
original draft can be and how it can be built on to have a strong final draft. I originally
started by identifying exactly what I was asked to include in the blog. Then step-by-step I
proceeded to create an outline of my blog. From this, I learned how to start off most
simply in order to more accurately answer a question. Because my first draft was so
basic, I didnt have a very strict mold that I had to fit my work into.

The writers notebook artifact labeled WN1 that I chose was the poem we looked
at for multimodality. This poem was very significant in the way that I thought about the
multimodality wheel. When presented with this poem as warm up, I had to think about
the ways the author communicated to me as a reader. I had to look at the poem as more
than just the words, but how they were ordered and where they were placed on the page.
The assignment forced me to think deeply about modality and how it affects the readers
The second writers notebook artifact labeled WN2 was the very first assignment
we were given, the letter to Ms. Ingram. I think this is one of the most important artifacts
because it talks about my main concern for the course. In my letter to Ms. Ingram I stated
A challenge I face as a writer is creativity. I dont feel I am creative enough to be a
successful writer. This is a common theme in all the assignments I have turned in thus
far. Because I put this at the forefront of my mind in the beginning of the semester, I was
able to make sure I was working on being more creative and less cookie cutter as stated
in the assigned reading of Who Says?
The feedback artifact labeled FA1 is my midterm paper/ midterm response was
important because it was the first time we received very detailed feedback from Ms.
Ingram. I was now able to better determine what she was looking for when reading our
assignments. The midterm response also informed me about where I stood in the course
at that point in the semester. I was able to focus on areas that needed improvement such
as using more direct quotes in order to better critically reflect. An example of this

improvement is above. I directly quoted my traditional research essays in order to

strongly support how important becoming more creative was to my experience in the
course. The supporting of my reflection helps me to look deeper into how I previously
competed my assignment

The second feedback artifact labeled FA2 is Draft 2 of my exploratory essay.

From this artifact I was first able to broaden how I look at the structure of essays. In her
response to reading my draft, Ms. Ingram presented me with a new model of essay
structure. Instead of the traditional 5-page essay, it was okay to just dive into the topic of
the paper. I didnt have to try to force an introduction. I was able to learn a method of
writing that would prevent repetition of information. I was limiting myself to such a strict
formatting feeling obligated to find filler information to make the introduction, three
body paragraphs as well as the conclusion.
I struggled determining a topic for my traditional research essay. Originally, I was
going to do a more scientific essay but later determined that was not the intended goal of
the assignment. But before I determined that the essay was too scientific, I found sources
pertaining to growth rate of hair and different hair textures. The first draft to my
annotated bibliography included these sources. I later changed my topic to the differences
between Greek life for NPHC (National Pan- Hellenic Council) members and PHA/ IFC
(PanHellenic Association and Interfraternity Council, respectively) members. It was
difficult for me to surpass bias. This seemingly unavoidable bias led to the further

focusing of my topic but not before draft two of my annotated bibliography was due. I
was left with another set of sources I would not be using. My final traditional research
essay topic was on how joining Black Greek letter organizations are more beneficial for
black students than joining fraternities and sororities under PHA/ IFC. As my final topic
choice was selected I had to solidify my sources. I was able to use some of the sources
from the previous topic, which was beneficial.
A concept that I have further developed is composing processes. Throughout the
semester we were required to submit drafts of all major writing works for workshopping
by either peers or Ms. Ingram. I learned to create drafts that were detailed in content yet
flexible enough to be reworked if needed. In the beginning of the semester, I tried to have
very complete first drafts as time progressed my first drafts became detailed outlines
instead of poorly constructed papers. Using this methodology, I was able to better
determine the relevancy of information as well as better prevent repetition.
Another concept that was further developed through this course
was responsibility for your own learning. In my midterm paper, I stated,
In this course your success is dependent upon how willing you are to do the background
for an assignment. I still believe this holds to be true. Keeping up with the syllabus
remained a very significant part of this course. I had to take responsibility for ensuring
my assignments were submitted on time whether reminded by the professor or not.

According to the rubric on the syllabus, I believe that I deserve an A on my eportfolio. I extensively quoted my previous works to support my claims of progress
throughout the semester. I thoughtfully and thoroughly discussed how the key concepts
getting out of my comfort zone, composing processes, and responsibility for my own
learning played significant roles in the course as the semester progressed. I gave specific
examples showcasing how they played such a role.