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Department of Justice INMATE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PLAN Federal Bureau of Prisons PROGRESS REPORT: 11-06-2014 Missed: N Judicial Recommendations: _ DANBURY FCI / REVIEW MED / CONTACT MED DES IF MED CENTER IS INDICATED ‘Special Conditions of Thmate Brant is serving a ife sentence with five years of supervision. See J&C for special conditions. Supervision: USPO Greg Forest, Chief uso [PoC] Sentencing: North Carolina Weston Probation Office Relocation: (District) £200 South College Street Sulte 1650 [Street Address/Suite) Chariotte, NC 28202-2005 (City), (State) Zip} PhonelFax: 704-350-7600,7610,76/ 704-344-6175 Phone/Fax: [Phone] / [Fax] ‘Subject to 18 U.8.C. 4042(B) Notification: Y DNA Required: Y - 04-07-2011 * Conviction fora drug trafficking crime (federal) Subject to Sex Offender Notifications: N Treaty Transfer Case: N Profile Comments: NONE facily Asoo Deron Suns Sop Dat Bro | _ceDHAs COuPLETED GED OR HSDPLOWA [e708 ERENT Bro | ESCs ENOUGH PROFOIENT 0-85 | URRENT BRo | _aRT TART PROM ALL UNITS 16 [GURRENT ‘Course Deseription ‘Completion Course Dato Hours INTERNET NAVIGATION 7-6-2014] 5 INTERVIEWING SKILLS. ore-2014| 5 OFFICIATING RULES (ALL SPORTS) oarazora[ 2 REENTRY THRESHOLD PROGRAMFCI 06-052013| 40 ‘CHAPLAIN SUPPORT SERVIGES APP. 06-10-2013 2000 RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS 09-19.2012| _ 10 "ADMIN, ASST. APPRENTICESHIP 06-20-2012 | 2000 PIANO LESSONS cot0201] 8 'ACE COMPUTER CLASS osca2011| 84 YOGA CLASS RECREATION AREA oacz2011[ 7 "AGE COMPUTER CLASS 08-07-2010 998, ‘GROSS STITCH GLASS FCUFPC os-re-2000] 4 308 FAIR INTERVIEW 05-06-2000| 4 ‘RPP2-EMPLY-INTERVIEW TECHNIQUE 09-25-2009 [ 2 KNITTING CLASS FCUFPC 12-17-2008[ 16 ‘ACE COMP MONSWED 7:30-9:30 01-06-2009 48 ‘ADVANCE COMPUTER ACE CLASS 12-13-2007 | 50 Generated: 11-08-2014 08:40:15 Pago 2 108 Version: 1.8.24 Name: BRANT, RAMONA RegNo: 41205-058 [AGE COMPUTER FOR LONG TERMERS os22-2007] 60 NUTRITION GLASS [osaoanes| 12 ‘CARDIO AEROBICS 0426-2005] 16 ‘SELF-ESTEEM PARENTING-ED CLASS 08-16-2008] 1 (GENDER IMAGES-MEDIA PRTNG ED o8-11-2008[ 1 HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS PRTNG ED ceoezona| 4 | ‘AGE BUSINESS MATH CLASS 01-13-2004] 24 MARIST COLLEGE-BUSINESS CERT 14-19-2002 300 ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR @ FCI 07-20-2002] 0 ‘CARDIO AEROBICS 04-10-2002| 6 ‘COMMUNITY RESOURCES WASH DC osas2002| 2 PERSONAL GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT 10-07-2001 12 LEGAL RESEARCHIMARIST COL@ FCI [oror-z001| 35 ECONOMICS MARIST @ FCI or-or-zo01| 38 BUSINESS LAW II @ FCIMON, EVE 0108-2001] 35 BUSINESS LAW 1 @ FCLCOL-WED. 08-16-2000] 98 INTRO. TO LAW-FCLCOL-TUES 06-16-2000] 96 BLACK HISTORY 2 ACE 06-12-2000] 30 PERSONAL GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT. a BUSINESS & SOCIETY @ FCI THURS 01-13-2000 30 ‘COLLEGE WRITING @FCL-COL-TUES. 01-16-2000] 38 ENGLISH FOR SUCCESS-ACE-WED 2-08-1090] 90 PERSONAL GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT o7-ai-1000] 20 RESUME WRITING 08-13-1090] 2 MEDICAL PRAC.BPROCED. HPDPIRPP 06-16-1000] 16 ‘COPE WITH INCARCERATION osao-1909) 1 BLACK HISTORY-TUES. 6-8 PM 05-13-1097] 24 INTER. COMMUNICATION-COL-TUES. ovta-t907| 33 PERSONNEL ADMIN.COLLEGE-THURS ov-o0-t007| 38 [BUILDING TRADES VT @ FoI 03-22-1996 629 CREATIVE PARENTING SKILLS 902-1005] 12 Tost Subtest ‘Score ‘TestDate TeatFaci Form State Inmato has no score history ems in this area Generated: 19-06-2014 08:10:15 18DS Version: 1.6.24 Department of Justice INMATE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PLAN Federal Bureau of Prisons PROGRESS REPORT: 11-06-2014 = aster Fo TASER WOR ASSONENT crate RENT Pty hein Yok doe Oren Surber Sp oa comnssa [oman WoRRS S507 roazana [woz oar |ueoiie [NEDO LE reseana ara oan |eomnsany | SoumassAY WORGRS sea] zane Dar [oro 608__[ ORR SERVICE ORDERLY oraeaia a0 Dar [NEO ELE [MEDEA ELE oronaial6an9 oa [oro oes [eon server OROERY caaeaia | oanaie Sa onze ome Da |eomanan | CASA WORRS ceaaon | nanan oar peome [HEAL ELE ceaeaor | cea oan [conser | CAST WORTRS coca oa ono avo [ORDERLY AIBTORUE CORR ave cana] ota aa ean [LANNY coats rca oa oro auo [ORDERLY AUDTORIN WESTON rari rane CS resnas|7204 oa [oacenoeT | =PEGALOETAL UNOOR rarer |12035 Dar Jones [OnsLEQUATY CONROE ona rao oar fancy ——[eieroven co onsen Dar [Foon | Fo00 SERGE NWATESONS 7 6500 oar franoea [Yano omTO2 PN ons a7 sm0 oar Joa: room_[cHaLEnAN FLOOR ORE rear ae Galginersoyre ng RTO Dar [earee[ensce qual coneos care are oa [oanscat | FROAYTAN- 1a eae ee oar [onan [oarrwesoxraoraoanan aor ae oan [vr Tmoes — VaULone TRADES ROGAN oes ase oa [onpa [oars Tranasoneranaao oe | OS oar foxret [pera oas cee acs oar [row [AONE REO IS Generated: 11-06-2014 09:10:15 Pages SOS Version: 1.6.26 Name: BRANT, RAMONA, RegNo: 11205-058 upc! Hear DHO Dato RoportNo, Prohibited Act / Description ‘sanction Inmate has no disciplinary history items inthis area Facility Assignment Description ‘Start Date Stop Date DESIGNATED, AT ASSIGNED FACIL. Facility Assignment i ‘StartDate Stop Date BRO ~[BESGRATED AT ABSTONED FAO craze [orate ano _[ MUCTELETRPS NOUTOF BRO covezo|araoa0r4 Dai _[BEBGHATED AT ASIONED FA covzre| ear Dai _ FOETRLE TRIPS NGUTOF DAN cease ovo Ra one = Sa Pees TH COMP THRESHOLD COWMETED oe ors [eum ano [ RPP PART BELEAGE PREP POM PANTOPATED zoos [oun ano | veces Yo" CURR DRG TRAF BEFORE Ta rear oURRENT a eeant =< aes aa oro” SOFT sH0e8 SorT=HOES OMY ove [ova ano | ATH RTR TO SFORTENO WEIGHT FING ors OUR ano | oweRUN TONER BRK REGURED ‘0 [oURREN os TREK MEDAL RESTRICTION ceaecor [ouRENT BRO | LIMITSUN NO EXCESS SUN [00-26-2013 [CURRENT ano | e=conn HOEXCESS COLD oeae01 [URE ono | REODUTYW EGILAR DUTY WED RESTRETON cececore [oURENT ano | _vesF8 CLEARED FORFOCD SERVE ceawrors [ore Gonoraad: 19-08-2046 09:10:15 Pages 1808 Version: 1.6.24 ment of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons Dey INMATE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PLAN PROGRESS REPORT: 11-06-2014 ACADEMIC “" Disregard Response Summary and utilize only the Progress & Goals section *** Response Summary INTELLECTUAL FUNCTIONING @ no intellectual deficits: has NOT attended special education classes LITERACY ® some college, with High Schoo! diploma ‘© Not al test results passing LANGUAGE @ ftuont in English as primary language ©| © OF COMPUTER SKILLS possesses keyboarding skills @ possesses word processing skils © lacks internet navigation skills Progress and Goa Inmate Brant has long record of participation in educational programming. Partial college credits have been attahed. | recommend a completion of a Bachelor degree and subsequent graduate credits through a viable correspondence program by 06-17. Inmate Brant has completed several educational classes Admin, Asst. Apprenticeship. ACE Computer, Advance Computer, ACE Computer for long termers, Gender Images-Media Printing ED, Marist College-Business Cert, Community Resources, Legal Research/Marist, Economics Marist, Business Law |, Business Law I Intro to Law, Black History 2 ACE, Business & Society, College Wrting, English for Success, Inter. Communication, Personal Admin. Colege, Business Math ‘and Building Trades. VOCATIONAL/CAREER “Disregard Response Summary and utllize only the Progress & Goals section *™ State @ EMPLOYMENT HISTORY © employed atime of arrest Rospons ‘Summary @ consistent employment history within 5 years prior to incarceration CAREER DEVELOPMENT @ possesses significant expertise in feld Healthcare Practitioners and Technical -29 }© Personal Care and Service - 39 realistic careerfob goals upon release © seeking position: Health Practitioner - Company Owner has more than two years work experience in this field © does not have an education degree related to this field INSTITUTION WORK HISTORY ‘© has no consistent institution work history Eval: 02-23-2013 Outstanding Eval: 01-26-2013 Outstanding Eval: 12-26-2012 Good Eval: 11-24-2012 Good Eval: 10-26-2012 Good due to being incarcerated less than six (6) months Generated: 11-06-2014 09:10:15 Page 10S Version: 1.624 Name: BRANT, RAMONA, RegNo: 11205-058 VOCATIONALICAREER “** Disregard Response Summary and utilize only the Progress & Goals sectior POST INCARCERATION EMPLOYMENT @ postincarceration employment not secured © cher: Not applicable. @ release documents obtained to date: @ current resume obtained @ application cover letter obtained © missing letter of referral from previous employer(s) © missing job evaluations @ education documents obtained © college transcript obtained © other: General Education Institution Transcript. Progress and Goals Inmate Brant has successfully comploted Independent Study program for Wedding Consultant. (Stratford Career Institut ‘awarded highest honors to Inmate) Inmate Brant currently unassigned. Once she is assigned a work detail she shall strive to Feceive good to outstanding work evaluations through 8/14-2/15. Brant has enrolled and completod Interviewing Skits, Job Fair Interview, Employment Interview Technique and Resume Writing. Miss Ramona Brant has worked for me in the ‘commissary as a clerk for 14 years, n that time | have observed Miss Brant most every day for 8 hrs @ day. In that ime Miss Brant has always been a very courteous individual who has always respected her well as her peers. Miss Brant while being a commissary clerk was given numerous tasks through out the day.or week, She always strive to complete the necessary task (8) at hand ina timely manner. Miss Brant not only would complete all task (s) but ask there was anything move she can do ,but Miss Brant would do them with such enthusiasm jand have such a positive attude doing it can say ‘vith out any reservation that Miss Brant was a asset to the commissary 2nd her work ethic, and respectful demeanor will be rrissad. Where ever Miss Brant will go | know she will exceed all expectation that she is given because of her drive to ‘succeed, and her positive out look she has inife. Pallas. MHS INTERPERSONAL “* Disregard Response Summary and utilize only the Progress & Goals section“ ‘Status Response Summary RELATIONSHIPS Immaciate family member engaged in criminal activity © immediate family member engaged in substance abuse © negative peer influences prior to incarceration © criminal associates © FAMILY TIES/SUPPORT SYSTEM @ consistent social support avaliable: Immediate Family: Financial Immediate Family: Emotional Immediate Family: General Relative: Financial Relative: Emotional Relative: General Friend: Financial Friend: Emotional Friend: General PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY © children under the age of 21 contact maintained with children no contact with other parent 180 Version: 1.6.24 Generated: 11-06-2014 09:10:15 Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons INMATE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PLAN PROGRESS REPORT: 11-06-2014 INTERPERSONAL ** Disregard Response Summary and utilize only the Progress & Goals section *** due to: Don't know where he is. consistent financial support forall children legally responsible for ® RRC (MINT) Placement © ‘COMMUNICATION @ displays good communication skills Inmate Brant has completed both the Chaplain Support Services Apprenticeship program and the Threshold program. Inmate Brant has continues to show a wilingness fo continue programming independently. This letter Is acknowiedge inmate Ramona Brant register number 11205-068 for her outstanding dedicated work to the Federal Bureau of Prisons Trust Fund Department at FCI Danbury. The Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer Systm (TRULINCS) is responsible for developing, installing, and maintaining TRULINCS. TRULINCS is a program currently being Used by the Federal Bureau of Prisons to provide inmates with imited computer access to include the capabilly to send and receive electronic messages (emall) without having access tothe Internet. FC! Danbury was one ofthe test piltsites starting jn 2004. Due to its positive outcome itis row installed in over 11 Federal Prisons. Millons of emails are sent and received yearly from federal prisoners. Ramona Brant was one of the first inmates to be hired to work for this program by the trust fund epartment. Its only due to the mission change of FCI Danbury that she is leaving. This extra paid job consisted of 80 ‘working hours a month on top of her normal 40 hours @ week job. The job duties were designed so the inmate worker maintained the computer equipment, from key boards, computer mouse and printers, she was trusted to store and maintain upto 1000 sheets of printer paper. Inmate Brant also fixed problems that occurred on weekends or afterhours. When a computer software rollout was made to the program, she was one of the fist to learn it. It was also her job to Instruct new Inmates on how to use the system and to inform trust fund staff of any problems, alot of times she was able to fix them ‘without our help. No other inmates were granted or trusted with this stict pormission and access. As the years went on other programs where added tothe system, they Include a Law Library and giving inmate the ability of purchasing music to ‘download on a MP3 player that we sold. She became very proficient in troubleshooting probloms inmates came across when Using the new music system. In the beginning during the test pilot years, inmate Ramona Brant suggestion in making the ‘computer program easier to use was always welcome by our Cantral Office Trust Fund Division personal located in Washington D.C. Often the central office trust fund division would callus on the phone to have inmate Brant try out anew software program. Her demeanor was always professional, reliable, and trustworthy. These qualiies are sometimes very hhard to find in a federal inmate sentenced to Ife in prison. Once again the trust fund branch thanks inmate Brant for her 10, years of dedicated work. inmate Brant shall maintain a good relationship with family members and positive frionds for established community support ‘upon release throughout incarceration. Brant has enrolled and completed Chaplain Support Services App., Random Acts of Kindness, Reentry Threshold Program, Self-Esteem Parenting, Healthy Reiationships Printing, Organizational Behavior, Personal Growth & Development, Creative Parenting Skils and Cope with Incarceration. ‘ot applicable Progress and Goals (Generated: 11-06-2014 09:10:15 Pages ISDS Version: 1.6.26 Name: BRANT, RAMONA RegNo: 11205.058 WELLNESS + Disregard Response Summary and utilize only the Progress & Goals section *** ‘Status ‘Response Summary HEALTH PROMOIDISEASE PREVENT ‘© overweight @ height 6 ft. 0 in. © woight (bs) 252 D BMI Score 34.2 date calculated 09-29-2010 @ maintains physical fitness thru regular exercise; © aerobic exercise @ no evidence of behaviors associated with increased risk of infectious disease '@ does not use tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, andlor smokeless tobacco) | did not have a primary care provider or clinic (prior to incarceration) © doas not have health insurance coverage upon release DISEASE/ILLNESS MANAGEMENT @® complies with treatment recommendations and/or t _modications as prescribed, or none required © medical Care Level ll (Chronic care - stable) - See Exit Summary @ no dental problems @ no non-routine services/assistance devices needed TRANSITIONAL PLAN © requires medication upon release from custody - See Exit Summary © requires on-going treatment or follow-up after release from custody - See Exit Summary © TB Clearance Complete - See Exit Summary @ health Services recommends for RRC placement GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE ‘© has not previously received Social Security assistance © inmate indicates he/she may not be eligible for Social Security assistance after release © has served in the U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. Miltary Reserves, AND/OR U.S. National Guard © spouse or a parent has not served in the U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. Miltary Reserves, ANDIOR U.S. National Guard © application not submitted to VA © nas not previously received veterans benefits Progress and Goals Inmate Brant has exercise @ least 30 minutes 3 times @ week to maintain a healthy ifestye, She shall continue to exercise @ least 30 minutes 3 times a woek throughout incarceration. Inmate Brant has completed Nutrition class end medical prac & proced. HPDPIRPP. Generated: 11-06-2014 08:10:15 Pages 1808 Version: 1.6.24 Department of Justice Fedoral Buresu of Prisons INMATE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PLAN PROGRESS REPORT: 11-06-2014 MENTAL HEALTH =~ Disregard Response Summary and utilize only the Progress & Goals section *** Response Summary ‘SUBSTANCE ABUSE MANAGEMENT @ no evidence of Inappropriate use of alcohol, prescription medications andlor illegal drugs in the y ©} Prior to arrest © no history of substance abuse treatment ® not currently participating in substance abuse treatment , MENTAL ILLNESS MANAGEMENT @ no history of mental health diagnosis prior to incarceration @ no mental health diagnosis during incarceration @ no history of serious suicidal ideation or attempts TRANSITIONAL PLAN @ no medication required upon release from custody @ does not require on-going treatment after reloase from custody @ psychology services recommends RRC placement ‘APPROPRIATE SEXUAL BEHAVIOR @ no evidence of sexually inappropriate behavior OROREO) Progress and Goals Inmate does not have a mental health history. No treatment needed at this tim ‘Sho wes given a certificate of recognition today for inating and implementing the “Reaching Out" A & O Program to assist ‘new inmates with transition to prison. This program complements Psychology Service's A & O presentation. She is currently stable COGNITIVE ** Disregard Response Summary and utilize only the Progress & Goals section *** ‘Statue Response Summary GENERAL BEHAVIOR @ no evidence of behavioral problems as a juvenile @ no evidence of behavioral problems as an adult CRIMINAL HISTORY '@ no prior convictions AND current conviction is non-violentinon-sex offense drug offenses: Single occurrence(s) DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/ABUSE @ no history of domestic violence or abuse CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR no onset of criminal behavior before the age of 14 @ no criminal versatility: Convictions in less than 3 categories @ no significant history of violence: Less than 2 violent convictions QO O © Generate: 11-06-2014 09:10:15, Page 10 1808 Version: 1.6.24 Name: BRANT, RAMONA RegNo: 4205-058 COGNITIVE “ Disregard Response Summary and utilize only the Progress & Goals section *** Progress and Goals, Inmate Brant for the past few years, Ms. Brant has participated in a panel discussion with several NYU Law students sponsored by a U.S, District Court Judge. She provides the group with an outine of her case and her experience with sentencing. inmate Brant shall maintain sanitation and clear conduct throughout incarceration as disciplinary infractions are rellected on your custody classification and could increase your custody level throughout incarceration. CHARACTER "" Disregard Response Summary and utilize only the Progress & Goals section *** Status, Response Summary PERSONAL CHARACTER © insufficient variety of behaviors to warrant overall postive personal character evidence of spirtualty talks toa fiend or mentor about sprtual/rligious issues: Aways active participation ina felth group: Always connected to outside spiitualreligious community: Always examines actions to sei they rfiect values: Always finds meaning in imes of hardship: Aways @ care ofa sickldisabled relative @ assistance to strangers without xpoctaton of reward © coligious assignment: PROTESTANT @ no evidence easily influenced by other © PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY © reports responsibility for current incarceration as: @ self (sole responsibilty) @ made efforts to make amends for their crime(s) @ engages in activities which assist victims affected by their type of crime(s) Progress and Goals Has successfully completed the religious services #Relationships Checkup Program on July 24, 2013. This isa 5-week reentry workshop developed to strengthen relationship skils, by assessing and building good character tats. Throughout her period of incarceration at F.C.|, Danbury, Ms, Brant has not allowed her circumstances to erode her character; ‘consistently presents a pleasant demeanor, postive attitude, and sincere wilingness to assist anyone in needistaff and peer alike, She performs her work duties with professionalism and efficency. VT Cullnary extends appreciatlon for Une voluniuer hours she has contributed which significantly ad in #mission change operations. Ms. Brant was a model inmate; she was a ‘ole model to young inmates and a mentor. Ms. Brant is highly motivated. She has proven her dedication and loyalty to al ‘Trust Fund staf and Supervisor. She has maintained an outstanding rating every month. While incarcerated she found her true seff through religion. Inmate Brant has @ positive atitude and good communication skis. She shall maintain a good "appr wih unt team, etal supensr and cher mates thoughout eaeeaton, Bran has complet her fence ‘obligation to the court. Generated: 11-06-2014 08:10:15 Page 11 SDS Version: 1.6.26 Federal Bureau of Prisons Department of Justice INMATE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PLAN PROGRESS REPORT: 11-06-2014 LEISURE “ Disregard Response Summary and utilize only the Progress & Goals section *** Status ‘Response Summary @ Q family time reading @ education (student) USE OF LEISURE TIME @ activites inclative of postive use of leisure time; @ patticipation in a falth group participation in a socialciviclcommunity organization(s) @ moviesttelevision/music computersivideo games @ cuttural events/concertsitheater @ hobbies (Includes hunting, fishing, ete.) Inmate Brant has completed several classes during her leisuretime Officiating Rules, Piano Lessons, Yoga, Cross Stitch, Knitting and Cardio Aerobics. She has enrolled in 1 ACE class (Art Program) during her letsure time, She shall continue to participate in the enrolled class through 8/14-2/15. Progress and Goals DAILY LIVING * Disregard Response Summary and utilize only the Progress & Goals section *** sits Response Summary knowledge in utilizing FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT @ knowiedge in maintaining checking account kknowiedge in maintaining savings account @ no knowledge in obtaining loans? @ has an established positive credit history @ tived within financial means @ pays monthly bills on time ‘an ATM debit card @ knowledges FOOD MANAGEMENT @ possesses grocery shopping/consumer skis @ makes good nutritional choices to maintain health @ possesses basic food preparation skills Je in accessing community resources to obtain tood © quarts assignment: PERSONAL HYGIENE/SANITATION @ g00d personal hygiene and sanitation HOUSE MIRANGE 01/BED o04L. © © TRANSPORTATION © does not have valid driver’s license © No outstanding motor vehicle violations © does not own personal vehicle with appropriate insurance @ possesses public transportation skills and has access to public tr portation IDENTIFICATION @ has birth certification © does not have photo identification Generated: 11-06-2014 08:10:15 Page 12 1808 Version: 1.8.26, Name: BRANT, RAMONA. RegNo: DAILY LIVING * Disregard Response Summary and utilize only the Progress & Goals section *** '@ has social security card HOUSING © no established housing year prior to incarceration © homeless year prior to incarceration © no secured housing upon release no secured housing upon release, but release residence information specified © need transitional housing RESIDENTIAL REENTRY CENTER (RRC) PLACEMENT ‘© not recommended for RRC placement FAMILY CARE, | not responsible for obtaining child care for any dependent children upon release | not responsible for obtaining elder care for any dependent(s) upon release | not responsible for obtaining any other special services for dependents upon release Progress and Goals Inmate Brant has completed the Residential drug treatment and a Marist collage graduate. She has also comploted 1 ACE. class (Internet Navigation) Generated: 11-06-2014 09:10:15 Page 13 SDS Version: 1.6.24